Sunday 2nd April – Manchester Marathon

Sunday 2nd April – Manchester Marathon

Report from Andy Webster:

For the third year in a row I stepped onto the line at the Manchester Marathon.

Due to injuries only had a 10 week training schedule, so I was not expecting to run as quickly as previous years. I decided to start running 8:15-8:30 pace. Within a few miles Chris Hosker had overtaken me (he had started a little further back). I felt pretty good until 17 miles, when the missing training started to hit my legs. Hit the wall big time, managed to just keep going to the end. But felt very faint running through the finish line and ended up with a brief one hour lie down in the medical tent.

Has not deterred me from trying again. I have a place in the Yorkshire Marathon in October and will look for another Spring one next year injuries permitting. Full results here.

Winner Patrick Martin 2:22:37 Stockport Harriers & AC
Georgie Bruinvels 2:37:03 Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
Chris Hosker 3:40:35 Andy Webster 3:59:43

2 thoughts on “Sunday 2nd April – Manchester Marathon

  1. I’m surprised you managed this one Andy as I thought you were still struggling. Glad to see you managed to finish in one piece, almost.

  2. 3.59 still it is a good time with small training although 8.15 was way too fast to start with . Also myself I hit the wall at the last mile and I had to walk in real pain because it was almost 10 years that I did not run a half , it was the spur of the moment that I took on the number from former member Will T. who was injured and I ran the Boundary way , but really with no training at all . Well done to Chris H. for his strong performance in this Manchester race his 3.40 is a good result , and also well done to Andy W. for his courage to do the race anyway.

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