Sunday 9th April – Skipton Triathlon

Sunday 9th April – Skipton Triathlon

Report from Graham Lake:

Inspired by my dolphin-like daughter I’ve been doing a bit more swimming lately, so thought another triathlon might be in order. Don’t be fooled, triathlons are a faff. Compared to just remembering your vest, shorts, running shoes and safety pins, these events are a logistical nightmare, so I gave myself a whole morning to get my kit together and be able to get to Skipton in plenty of time, with swim-off at 1.30 this shouldn’t be hard. So…I was 10 minutes late for my swim start! Muttering to myself about never doing one of these again, I slid into the pool in the next swim wave as someone hadn’t turned up, and was off.

SkiptonTriGrahamLakeThe swim was an absolute blur, but I overtook the other two in my lane as they sportingly let me pass. There was a longish bare-foot run to transition where I faffed with my cycling kit for too long. The bike course is mainly main roads, out on the Preston road, back on the Colne one, the scenery was pleasant, and the weather warm, but the cars close-passing not great. There was actually a stiff headwind on the ‘out’ of the lollipop course, but coming back felt very quick and again was passing rather than getting past. HOWEVER. The guys with the incredible TT bikes and teardrop helmets were only just starting at this point, so it was a bit misleading.

I felt confident for the run as this is obviously my home-territory, but coming off the bike I felt a bit flat and had to try and keep my form to keep a decent pace going round the pleasant park, which had quite a long drag in it that you had to do twice. When I finished my print-out of my time had me 11th overall and 5th in age category, but remember all the fast guys were yet to come in the faster swim-waves.

The results took a day or so to come out due to some dodgy swim times I believe, but as things stand the race was won by Jonathan Dudley in 59:41. I was 81st overall in 1.18.00, 20th MV40. Splits make interesting reading: 187th fastest swimmer, 151st fastest cyclist (this is where you lose time overall) and then 17th fastest runner!

The huge queue to get off the site was another entry on the list of ‘faff’ for the day, but I’d definitely do another tri again as I love the training. Possibly a hard but low-key one in the Lakes, watch this space…

Picture courtesy of Sean O’Halloran who seemed to have enjoyed it, finishing in 409th in 1:38.05.  Results here

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  1. I enjoyed reading your report from Skipton because as well it gives an idea of what to expect to who decided to try the triathlon for the first time . From the pic you show you still had a powerful push and your 1.18 is really good . Also well done to 2 claim Sean O’. for a super result in 1.38 just fabulous , and well done to Graham L. for doing a superb triathlon.

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