Sunday 9th April – Vale of York 10

Sunday 9th April – Vale of York 10

Report from the spectator point of view by Jack Robertshaw, an incident packed morning!ValeOfYorkRobFearnley

The sunny weather saw us travelling over to give our encouragement to members in this race. Having consulted the OS map. we decided to park just short of the “lollipop shaped course in a little village about a quarter of a mile off the course. Turning right off the road to York just before Rufforth, a sign declared “” road closed beyond that village ” We parked and walked to the course. A barrier was across the road. Two cars overtook us and were stopped. A runner got out of the second car and was told he would have to run to the start. . Five minutes to the starting time. “A good warm up the Kippax Harrier said. Fortunately for him the demands on the toilets were great and the start was pushed back ten minutes. .We walked down the route to a road junction. The base of the lollipop route

A rather large man from the Company running the race was at this junction. He told us it cost £300 to close the roads, plus his company cost of £1000. One of the Marshalls asked him if that would be the cost in Leeds .Much more than that he replied. They cover mValeOfYorkJoannaHobsonany triathlon races which are ” much more difficult than this and more expensive” He was turning back cars who had driven past Road Closed signs.A driver in a 4WD Porsch was not happy. The marshalls had variety of named Running Club HI Vis jackets on. City of York, Abbey Runners St Theresa A Marshall told us the marshalling entitled him to a free entry in races the Company ran. “We save £20 or so by doing this” he said.

We walked back towards the runners to a bend in the road. Our mindset is still looking for white vests and we nearly missed those running in the mainly black variety. All of the Otley runners were through.Later, with only about a quarter of the field left, there was was an incident. . About 100 yards beyond us loud shouting of ” Marshalls ” was heard. Many runners stopped with marshals arriving . Somebody was giving mouth to mouth followed by the standard elbow stomach pumping. A large group of runners were around him. A female Barnsley runner “orange variety ” had a go at us ” saying we should be attending the incident”. We would have got in the way as we have no first aid experience..

A First Responder arrived within minutes ,and in the next ten minutes two Ambulances. A couple more smaller medical vehicles arrived a little later.. Five minutes after this a Helicopter flew in. .

We were told that he was not wearing a number and he had an angina attack which resulted in him banging his head. By this time the leading runners were returning. They were directed unto the adjacent dry field. The lack of a boundary wall / fence / hedge helped but a ditch resulted in a good length of the field being used, The road was blocked by the helpers and all the vehicles.

It was a warm dry dry over a relatively flat course with the temperature rising as the race progressed. There was little wind where we were so there was a potential for fast times.  A few more photos on the club Flickr site here.

Report from Howard and results:

Today’s race was a target race for the club so I was hoping to see a few club mates. I was not disappointed as there were at least 13 and had a pre-race chat with a few of them and Matt thought there were also some newbie’s not yet under the flag . I dropped Jacque off at Rufforth car boot sale as the race started at the York Gliding centre at Rufforth and the weather was perfect. The sun was out, blue sky and the airfield windsock registering no breeze just before the start. The start was well marshalled for parking which was right by the number pick up and the roads were closed, so pretty well traffic free. I felt like I was in 70 minute shape again and spoke with a few age group rivals who all had reasons why they were not going to keep up. In my age group you really need to be at 65 minute pace to expect to win a well populated 10 miler so I had no expectations. The start was delayed by 10 minutes which I guess was because of the queue for the toilets which at one point was about as far as I go for my holidays!

The start was along the airfield runway for about half a mile which was novel and plenty of space to start steady and work up the pace. At the turn round cones I noticed Mark Hall in about 12th place and looking good.

Caught Matt at about mile one and was at 7.10 pace. The route was slightly more undulating than I was expecting in the Vale of York. Not aware of any breeze to speak of but there were a couple of ups and downs that were easy enough then towards the seven mile mark there was a long testing drag more because of the rising temperature than the slope ( as I write this my face is glowing from the sun). I had maintained the pace through 7 but then towards 8 we were diverted off the road onto a grassy field because one of the competitors had collapsed and was being picked up by the air ambulance (hope he is OK). This disrupted the pace slightly but we were soon back on the road and I had a bit of a finish to cross the line in 70.48 in 118th. Mark finished in 12th place 1st 0/55 of course and when I saw the results I was also 1st 0/60.

The race was won by Dominic Shaw of New Marske Harriers in 51.14. First lady in 50th place was Nicola Devine from Doncaster AC in 1.04.25. There were 1019 finishers and the listed Otley finishers are here (chip times):


Pos. Name Club Category Cat. Pos Chip time
1 Dominic Shaw New Marske H. AC MSEN 1/162 00:51:14
50 Nicola Devine Doncaster AC FSEN 1/127 01:04:25
12 Mark Hall Otley AC M55 1/43 00:58:55
118 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC M60 1/23 01:10:48
192 Matt Podd Otley AC M55 13/43 01:15:38
352 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC M60 13/23 01:23:19
421 Ged Peacock Otley AC M60 16/23 01:26:17
470 Liz Yates Otley AC F40 28/130 01:28:22
518 Andrew Rayner Otley AC M50 52/75 01:30:07
538 Joanna Hobson Otley AC F55 7/22 01:30:56
560 Charlotte Boardman Otley AC FSEN 53/127 01:31:26
653 Rob Fearnley Otley AC MSEN 148/162 01:36:18
766 Rebecca Keinhorst Otley AC FSEN 91/127 01:40:16
823 Hannah Birch Otley AC F35 59/82 01:44:18
830 Sarah Parker Otley AC FSEN 101/127 01:44:52

5 thoughts on “Sunday 9th April – Vale of York 10

  1. Thanks Jack for this spectator report, it was lovely to see you and Cath cheering us on! Fortunately we’ve been emailed to say the collapsed runner is OK and recovering well in hospital. It was a bit of a shock to see the activity and so lucky that the course could be diverted so quickly and easily. Thanks again, but it really was too darn hot!!!

  2. Your right Joanne too darn hot! Took us all by surprise for an early April day. Was good experience one of which I’m not so sure I’m keen to fulfill again so soon but a good effort from the club. Makes me feel quietly confidently about my next race (Jane tomlinson, 9th July) Well done to all.
    Relieved to hear the casualty is recovering well and top marks for the events the team for such swift organisation in times of need.

  3. Great report, Jack and a huge well done to everyone who made it today (sorry to miss it due to dodgy Achilles). Really super times, especially in such heat. Great performance from Mark H, and a special well done to the ladies who moved up so recently from our beginners group, you totally smashed it!!

  4. Well done to the new ladies, excellent running on a hot day. Also well done to Mark and Howard for finishing first in your age categories, I assume Mark will also be happy with12th overall.

  5. I agree with Sara E. and Hannah L. about the super running by the new ladies . Sarah P. who went to the finish line in 1.44 run well . Interesting report from the spectator Jack R. about a day at the races . Splendid run by Mark H. in 58.55 in this 10 miles it is really fast , and our Howard J. with a superb run in 1.10 also his report was good . With 1.30 Joanna H. had an excellent run in a very hot day . Well done to everyone.

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