Thursday 27th April – Dick Hudsons (7 Miles, 1100 ft BM)

Thursday 27th April – Dick Hudsons (7 Miles, 1100 ft BM)

Report from Matt Podd:

Some of us who fancied something muddier than the Handicap, went to Ilkley in the Bestmobile to take on an out and back crossing of the mighty (dry) Ilkley Moor. Cool with a few spots of rain, but overall very favourable conditions for the biggest ever field for this race.

Steep  start up onto the moor with a choice of routes available, but all arrived at the slabs for the fast crossing to touch the gate by Dick Hudsons pub. Then back again to plunge down to the finish below White Wells. Very invigourating and good fun.

Adam Osborne and Katie Sijpestijn won in 45.36 & 55.01. Dave Wilby was second – on a bike!

For Otley; Shane (brave heart) Ewan 37 in 56.05: John Dade 81 in 65.40: Matt Podd 86 in 66.50: Caron Ralph 91 in 69.24: Serena Blackburn 95 in 72.39 and Colin Best in 73.32. 115 triumphed by completing this course.

One thought on “Thursday 27th April – Dick Hudsons (7 Miles, 1100 ft BM)

  1. What a shame I had to miss this one because of the clash with the Fewston Handicap Race . Shane E. had a powerful performance going to finish in 56.05 , and Caron R. ran a super 7 miles in 69.29 not bad at all . Former boss Matt P. ran well in this challenging fell race in 65.50 . Well done to all .

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