Saturday 29th April – Yorkshire 3 Peaks Fell Race

Saturday 29th April – Yorkshire 3 Peaks Fell Race

Report from Stephen Boddy:

In a shameless and undignified attempt to challenge the more deserving Tom Lynch for Runner of the month, I decided to do both the London Marathon and the 3 Peaks Fell Race within the same week.

The marathon ended in a complete shambles for myself and I am always impressed with people who judge them so well. The marathon is a beast I’m yet to properly tame and disappointingly, on my fifth attempt, I felt as far away from an evenly paced run as I was in my first. Just to put in context, after a traffic-filled first two miles, Tom ran the next 24.2 miles all between 6:20 and 6:40min/miles!

So off I trekked to Horton where I knew I would definitely have to complete the course to stand any chance of competing with Tom for the much coveted April 2017 ROM award, nerves were jangling, I could smell the Shiraz already, or was it sheep shit?

We set off up towards Penyghent and my legs immediately felt tired, I exchanged places with Steve Robinson several times up and down the first peak and, as ever, it was good to see a friendly face. John Armitstead’s warning about going too hard between Penyghent and Whernside resonated with me at this point and I settled into a very gentle trot. I was very worried about cramping again after the London debacle so was running well within myself. After a very quick chat with Tom Pomfrett at Ribblehead I set off straight up the face of Whernside where, according to the online results slip, I overtook 100 people before reaching the summit. The descent off Whernside was tough on my quads and the following climb up Ingleborough was tough on my morale. I was deep in a real energy trough when out from the greyness of the rocks popped a jelly baby laden angel in the shape of Andrew Robertshaw.  Just beyond him I passed the eagle eyed Tom Lynch and my morale was soaring again now as I knew it was downhill back to Horton and I was well in touch of the sub 5 hour target I had set myself.
Apart from the very occasional shooting cramps I had a really strong finish and ran my quickest miles of the race at the end which is always a very positive way to finish. It’s a brilliant and horrible event but I’m instantly hooked and will be back again next year with fresher legs.

Haven’t seen the results but I know Steve battled home despite suffering badly from cramp on top of Whernside and I think, from strava, Ed got a good time but it was one he wasn’t too enamoured with. Some fella with a great name won it and another of the leaders got lost coming off Whernside(!!). Ricky Lightfoot, of Northern Monk Brew Co fame, started but had to pull out through injury.

4 thoughts on “Saturday 29th April – Yorkshire 3 Peaks Fell Race

  1. You’re a machine or seriously mental to do both the marathon and three peaks within days. I’m not entirely sure which!

  2. Sterling efforts from you both, it looked like the marathon was a good warm up training run! and a superb effort from Steve R to keep going when to going got tough

  3. Well run Stephen…wobbly legs or not it’s a fantastic achievement to run 2 mega races in 6 days!

  4. I agree with all the good comments about you three running really well this awesome race . Ed D. ran strongly in 3.51 , Stephen B. ran a super race in 4.48 and Steven R. ran in a splendid 5.04 . Well done indeed you three .

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