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Monday 17th April: Ackworth half marathon

Report from Mark Hall:

Ackworth Half Marathon, (incorporating the Yorkshire veterans championship). I ran the Ackworth half today on a very undulating course. I finished 7th in 80.54, 1st V55 and Yorkshire champion. This included being sent the wrong way late in the race and losing 2 places, time and momentum!

Winner: S Lambert, U/A. 77.38
1st woman: N Tarraga, York Knavesmire, 90.11

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Sunday 16th April: Guiseley Gallop

Report from Howard:

Another club target race and another report from yours truly. I have been doing this one which is on Easter Sunday for many years. I don’t know why because it is tough, across terrain and profile that I normally steer clear of. I guess back in the day it was a Valley Striders grand prix race so I have just stuck with it and have had a wide range of performances depending on my level of fitness. Today I was feeling OK after a steady week. It took till Thursday of last week to recover from the Vale of York 10, my calves were complaining. Maybe because I had not worn my calf protectors, who knows? Anyway I had them on today just in case and also a long sleeved T shirt under the vest. I had checked and double checked the weather forecast and it was for rain and ‘feels like 6 degrees’ which is a bit on the cool side. I am tapering for the European Duathlon championships in Spain in two weeks so on Friday I replaced the hill work (which I was going to get today) with mile reps, only three of them. I cycled up to Wetherby yesterday and did the park run steadily and rode back but the wind was a bit stiff so a harder workout than I had planned. Still, I felt OK enough this morning, warmed up adequately and anticipated a better time than last year where I had been a minute off the category pace. I thought 45 minutes would be the mark today (I did 49.39 last year) and I guessed I could do 46 or so today.
The rain held off but I was glad of the T shirt even though I rolled up the sleeves at the start (I meant business!). Three or four rows back from the front, so as not to give away any advantage to rivals, most of whom I suspected would be from Harrogate AC today. There was a brief introduction and we were off. The stony track goes down quite steeply from the start and you have to watch your step. After a few hundred metres there is a sharp left turn up and down through woods but the trip hazards had thankfully been picked out in yellow marker paint. The path was well trodden and pretty dry and I had the right trail shoes for the terrain. There were maybe a dozen Harrogate vests in front two of whom I knew to be category rivals and I passed one at the left turn and caught the other along the level path towards the 2K point. At this juncture I was overtaken by a runner from Huncote (near Leicester) who looked worryingly close to my age. I was able to tuck in behind and at the end of the level stretch we turn right up a quite steep and difficult climb up through the woods again, which just when you think it is over, it climbs up some more. At maybe 4k ish it takes a turn for the better and there is a nice, albeit stony, mind the ankles, descent towards a 5K marker, where you take a sharp right and go round the lap again. I had passed on the descent and remained in front of the Huncote guy till we got about half way along the level path again and he was obviously racing me which is good. We passed another Harrogate AC runner who was in the age group so I was guessing I was now in second place. I laboured up the hill the second time and could not stay within kicking distance of the chap from Huncote. He shook hands at the end and said he had not had to work so hard for a while which was good and he was worried I might be an o/55, which I am of course but he was not o/60 so maybe I had snuck the win after all. There were a lot of lean grey athletes already finished so it was hard to tell how old any-one was. I did see Ben Grant (an ex international with Harrogate AC) and he had finished in 43.08 at the ripe old age of 69! Respect. I was pleased with 46.58 in 90th position and I was first o/60 as there was an o/65 category too. It seems all my rivals are injured and I have been Ninja’d (not injured) as that is three in a row. The race was won by Connor Craig-Jackson in 35.39 of Skyrac AC and first lady Rachel Pilling of Pudsey and Bramley AC 39th position in 42.50. 471 finished. Fellow Otliensians as follows:

Pos “Num”M”F “Name”Cat “CatPos”Club “Time 13 581 013 Robin Outtersides MS (009/099) Otley AC 00:39:41 90 251 079 Howard Jeffrey M60 (001/018) Otley AC 00:46:58 193 146 034 Sara Elliott F45 (007/032) Otley AC 00:52:19 212 539 037 Nicola Lee F35 (007/032) Otley AC 00:53:19 230 354 183 Hugh Pearson M55 (024/037) Otley AC 00:54:17 343 160 251 Rob Fearnley MS (086/099) Otley AC 00:59:19 381 375 112 Sara Richard F45 (021/032) Otley AC 01:01:02

Also Sean O’Halloran (Kirkstall Harriers) in 431st in 1.05.33

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Runner of the Month for March

Laura Hind and Colin Best were awarded the prizes this month. Laura for a PB at Norton 9 and Colin for being 1st in his age group at the Thrunton Thriller


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Tuesday 11th April – Bunny Run #2 Haworth

Report from Tom Lynch:

I headed over to the 2nd Bunny Run of the year at Haworth replacing the fartlek session called for in my marathon plan. I took some friends from work, Holly Davey from the juniors was the only other Otley runner, returning after her first bunny run last week. Much the same conditions as Caron’s report last week, very dry under foot but with a chilly wind. Another busy start with a few more runners than last week I think. I finished 40th in a time of 18.30, with Holly improving on her time last week in 22.11.
I managed to pick up an Easter egg in the prizes at the end, and there was the usual abundance of chocolate, with my friend’s girlfriend taking a pretty forceful direct hit to the head from a Creme egg, hopefully no concussion…..she didn’t even get the egg!

1st M – James Hall (Wharfedale) 14.51, 1st – F and FU15 Alice Jones (Wharfedale) 18.53, photos and results on Woodentops


Sunday 9th April – Skipton Triathlon

Report from Graham Lake:

Inspired by my dolphin-like daughter I’ve been doing a bit more swimming lately, so thought another triathlon might be in order. Don’t be fooled, triathlons are a faff. Compared to just remembering your vest, shorts, running shoes and safety pins, these events are a logistical nightmare, so I gave myself a whole morning to get my kit together and be able to get to Skipton in plenty of time, with swim-off at 1.30 this shouldn’t be hard. So…I was 10 minutes late for my swim start! Muttering to myself about never doing one of these again, I slid into the pool in the next swim wave as someone hadn’t turned up, and was off.

SkiptonTriGrahamLakeThe swim was an absolute blur, but I overtook the other two in my lane as they sportingly let me pass. There was a longish bare-foot run to transition where I faffed with my cycling kit for too long. The bike course is mainly main roads, out on the Preston road, back on the Colne one, the scenery was pleasant, and the weather warm, but the cars close-passing not great. There was actually a stiff headwind on the ‘out’ of the lollipop course, but coming back felt very quick and again was passing rather than getting past. HOWEVER. The guys with the incredible TT bikes and teardrop helmets were only just starting at this point, so it was a bit misleading.

I felt confident for the run as this is obviously my home-territory, but coming off the bike I felt a bit flat and had to try and keep my form to keep a decent pace going round the pleasant park, which had quite a long drag in it that you had to do twice. When I finished my print-out of my time had me 11th overall and 5th in age category, but remember all the fast guys were yet to come in the faster swim-waves.

The results took a day or so to come out due to some dodgy swim times I believe, but as things stand the race was won by Jonathan Dudley in 59:41. I was 81st overall in 1.18.00, 20th MV40. Splits make interesting reading: 187th fastest swimmer, 151st fastest cyclist (this is where you lose time overall) and then 17th fastest runner!

The huge queue to get off the site was another entry on the list of ‘faff’ for the day, but I’d definitely do another tri again as I love the training. Possibly a hard but low-key one in the Lakes, watch this space…

Picture courtesy of Sean O’Halloran who seemed to have enjoyed it, finishing in 409th in 1:38.05.  Results here

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Sunday 2nd April – Manchester Marathon

Report from Andy Webster:

For the third year in a row I stepped onto the line at the Manchester Marathon.

Due to injuries only had a 10 week training schedule, so I was not expecting to run as quickly as previous years. I decided to start running 8:15-8:30 pace. Within a few miles Chris Hosker had overtaken me (he had started a little further back). I felt pretty good until 17 miles, when the missing training started to hit my legs. Hit the wall big time, managed to just keep going to the end. But felt very faint running through the finish line and ended up with a brief one hour lie down in the medical tent.

Has not deterred me from trying again. I have a place in the Yorkshire Marathon in October and will look for another Spring one next year injuries permitting. Full results here.

Winner Patrick Martin 2:22:37 Stockport Harriers & AC
Georgie Bruinvels 2:37:03 Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
Chris Hosker 3:40:35 Andy Webster 3:59:43


Sunday 9th April – Vale of York 10

Report from the spectator point of view by Jack Robertshaw, an incident packed morning!ValeOfYorkRobFearnley

The sunny weather saw us travelling over to give our encouragement to members in this race. Having consulted the OS map. we decided to park just short of the “lollipop shaped course in a little village about a quarter of a mile off the course. Turning right off the road to York just before Rufforth, a sign declared “” road closed beyond that village ” We parked and walked to the course. A barrier was across the road. Two cars overtook us and were stopped. A runner got out of the second car and was told he would have to run to the start. . Five minutes to the starting time. “A good warm up the Kippax Harrier said. Fortunately for him the demands on the toilets were great and the start was pushed back ten minutes. .We walked down the route to a road junction. The base of the lollipop route

A rather large man from the Company running the race was at this junction. He told us it cost £300 to close the roads, plus his company cost of £1000. One of the Marshalls asked him if that would be the cost in Leeds .Much more than that he replied. They cover mValeOfYorkJoannaHobsonany triathlon races which are ” much more difficult than this and more expensive” He was turning back cars who had driven past Road Closed signs.A driver in a 4WD Porsch was not happy. The marshalls had variety of named Running Club HI Vis jackets on. City of York, Abbey Runners St Theresa A Marshall told us the marshalling entitled him to a free entry in races the Company ran. “We save £20 or so by doing this” he said.

We walked back towards the runners to a bend in the road. Our mindset is still looking for white vests and we nearly missed those running in the mainly black variety. All of the Otley runners were through.Later, with only about a quarter of the field left, there was was an incident. . About 100 yards beyond us loud shouting of ” Marshalls ” was heard. Many runners stopped with marshals arriving . Somebody was giving mouth to mouth followed by the standard elbow stomach pumping. A large group of runners were around him. A female Barnsley runner “orange variety ” had a go at us ” saying we should be attending the incident”. We would have got in the way as we have no first aid experience..

A First Responder arrived within minutes ,and in the next ten minutes two Ambulances. A couple more smaller medical vehicles arrived a little later.. Five minutes after this a Helicopter flew in. .

We were told that he was not wearing a number and he had an angina attack which resulted in him banging his head. By this time the leading runners were returning. They were directed unto the adjacent dry field. The lack of a boundary wall / fence / hedge helped but a ditch resulted in a good length of the field being used, The road was blocked by the helpers and all the vehicles.

It was a warm dry dry over a relatively flat course with the temperature rising as the race progressed. There was little wind where we were so there was a potential for fast times.  A few more photos on the club Flickr site here.

Report from Howard and results: Read the rest of this entry »


Saturday 8th April – Park Runs

Position Gender Position Parkrunner Club Run Time
Fell Foot
1 1 Phil Waite Barrow & Furness Striders AC 16:22
14 1 Bianca Dyer Helm Hill Runners 21:09
22 20 James Rawstron Otley AC 21:53
34 4 Charlotte Rawstron Otley AC 23:01
Fountains Abbey
1 1 Reece Dalton Ripon Runners 16:11
9 1 Mena Scatchard Ripon Runners 19:22
86 70 Peter Crowder Otley AC 23:44
1 1 Jack White City of Norwich AC 16:29
3 1 Pauline Powell Blackburn H. & AC 18:06
148 64 Laurel Frear Otley AC 31:59
1 1 Kristoff Boynton York Acorn RC 16:57
11 1 Carol Morgan Nidd Valley RR 20:22
21 18 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 22:23
Woodhouse Moor
1 1 Tim Gordon Unattached 16:41
36 1 Colette Mccambridge Unattached 20:31
96 82 Andrew Webster Otley AC 23:28

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Tuesday 4th April – Bunny Run #1 Haworth

Report from Caron Ralph

April brings the annual pilgrimage to Dimples Lane quarry for the Bunny Runs.  I normally try to do at least 2 each year as they’re a great (or not so) reminder of how furiously fast some of the junior runners are!  This year definitely didn’t disappoint as the course was drier than usual so there was some fast running.  Also travelling with us were Holly Davey from our juniors and mum Becky- Holly trying her first Bunny Run,  having an idea of what it would be like after doing a few other junior Woodentops races.  She ran a good tactical race finishing in a good time of 22.37, me following a bit later in 24.06, also running her first Bunny Run was Mary Hampshire, 26:48 and her son Ben, 19.43  We decided to go to the pub after as Holly was eager to see the chocolate throw-out… again that didn’t disappoint with both of us winning an Easter Egg and acquiring a few more Creme Eggs, Haribo’s and packets of crisps along the way.  I’m not sure how many bruises Holly or Becky ended up with from flying Creme Eggs etc but we all enjoyed the evening and it was a good start to the Bunny season…again next week?

Joe Baxter, P&B won in 15:44, 1st woman was Sarah Hodgson, Leeds Uni. 18:27. Results & Photos on Woodentops


Sunday 2nd April, Blubberhouses 25

Nicky Gifford, Sara Richard and myself have been entered for this adventure for a while and on the day we were joined by Laura Hind who decided she was up for a laugh too. We arrived at Norwood village hall and immediately bumped into Laura Martin’s husband, James Sneath, Rob Fearnley, Serena Blackburn, Laura Clark and Steve Robinson, so it was a good turn out as usual from the club for this local almost 25 mile run. According to my Strava it was 24.1 miles.

Nicky, Sara, Laura and myself decided to set off together and take it steady, I was shattered after moving house 2 days before so I just wanted a nice day out with friends and to get round in one piece. The weather was forecast to be sunny and it was certainly warm from the beginning, no need for hats, gloves and thermals unlike the usual long distance running weather we are accustomed to. In fact Laura had brought sun cream with her.

For anyone that hasn’t done the route before you start at Norwood Hall and follow a road route down to Swinsty Reservoir, crossing over the dam bridge and up the side of Fewston Reservoir. There you cross the road and follow the stream up to Thruscross Reservoir where there is a refreshment stop. Nicky and I were trailing behind Laura and Sara a little, Nicky was struggling with an injury she’s had for a couple of months now and I was full of cold and not on form. We stuck together a bit longer till we hit the moor going up to Rocking Hall where Laura and Sara started to pull away. When we regrouped at Rocking Hall checkpoint (which incidentally has the best fruitcake and cheese ever) Nicky and I told them to crack on, I knew the route as I’d done it as a training run with Liz Fawcett last year and I was fairly confident I could get us round without getting too lost.

From Rockinghall we dropped down to the River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey and after a quick comfort break at the pavilion loos and a little dip in the ford we followed the River until we got to a bridleway that takes you up to Storiths. So far the ground under foot had been fairly good paths, a bit of mud along the Washburn Valley but not bad. The fields that took us from Storiths to Deerstones were decidedly wet and boggy, followed by a muddy sharp incline before coming out at Beamsley Beacon car park and a fantastic refreshments stop with tea, coffee, sausage rolls, sandwiches and flapjack. Here we were met by Caron and Andrew who had decided to combine a run with cheering us on, it was great to see them. As we approached the checkpoint we were surprised to see Sara and Laura just starting to climb up Beamsley Beacon, I thought they’d have been much further in front and was pleasantly surprised. Nicky was struggling and wasn’t really enjoying herself, we had various conversations throughout the day comparing the route to Rombalds and the conclusion was she preferred Rombalds and I preferred Blubberhouses.

After a quick pit stop and with our mug of tea in hand we kept moving before we seized up and started the climb up Beamsley Beacon, it was most definitely a walker! Next we headed for Round Hill. I hate Round Hill with a passion, not because of the bogs but because of the uneven surface and I always turn an ankle, I knew that for me this was going to be the biggest challenge of the day. We kept trying to get a little trot going on the climb up to Round Hill but kept having to navigate bogs which would stop us from getting into any decent rhythm. For a little while we gave up trying and walked with a lovely gentleman who turned out to be 75 years young and who walks 10 miles every day with his wife, he walked quicker than I could jog, what a lovely bloke. Over the stile we went and the bogs got bigger, I had a girly scream at one point and Nicky lost a leg in a bog up to her knee but apart from that we negotiated Roundhill unscathed and laughing, exiting the moor by the house with gargoyles on the gate posts. For those of you that have done our Roundhill race it’s where Kath always marshal’s, I breathed a sigh of relief to get back onto solid ground for a bit and we pounded the road to Timble before crossing more boggy fields to drop down to the dam bridge on Swinsty reservoir once again.

From here it’s a mile or so back to the start across some fields, this is where I decided to get confused with which path to follow and ended up taking the turning for Reservoir Ramble, luckily I knew pretty much straight away I’d gone wrong and we were heading the wrong way so we turned around and went further up the road to pick up the right path across the right fields. Nicky was flagging now whilst I’d gone into homing pigeon mode, I just wanted to finish as quick as I could no matter how tired and sore I was. We hit the final bit of road together and managed a quick jog to the finish in 6 hours 16 minutes to be greeted by Sara and Laura who had finished in 5 hours 50 minutes. Can I just point out that Laura’s last and only long run was Rombalds in Feb 2016, she’d done no training for this and was still smiling and being sprightly at the end, she’s a machine!

Sat having a cuppa and our meal we obviously discussed our day, Nicky did not enjoy it and was traumatised, Sara and Laura had enjoyed themselves and were still in fine fettle, I’d enjoyed the route but was now ready to go home to bed and not unpack more boxes and hang pictures. Sara did what Sara does best and started talking us into another long run, although we are now undecided on One foot in the Gargrave or Yorkshireman Full, as they are both the same weekend it has to be one or the other. She also suggested I do another ultra with her, I’m sure you can imagine my response…

Results aren’t out yet but apart from Rob who was walking I’m assuming everyone finished in front of us.

Another fantastic LDWA event and a grand day out. Same again next year I think.