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Wednesday 31st May – Chevin Fell Race and Fell League Results

Report from Billy

In a busy week several Black & Whites turned out for the annual Chevin Fell Race hosted by Skyrac.

The race was won by Jack Wood of Ilkley.

First home for Otley was Gary Johnson. Tom Lynch, Graham Lake, Colin Best, John Dade, myself and Antonio plus a few more also ran. Results to follow.

Report from Tom Lynch:

The Chevin race results are now out, and so the first results of the fell league are ready! The full results for the race are here, and the relevant results for Otley are:

1st Jack Wood (Ilkley) 17.34
31st Rachel Pilling (P&B) 22.12
For Otley:
8th Gary Johnson 20.16
9th Tom Lynch 20.21
23rd Graham Lake 21.12
56th Michael Hastings 24.17
65th James Rawstron 25.02
77th John Dade 25.48
101st Colin Best 28.03
112th Andrew Rayner 30.14
125th Don Buffham 32.41
126th Bob Payne 33.32
130th Gloria Jackson 36.23
134th Antonion Cardinale 42.02

For the fell league runner of the year competition the results were processed, calculated and verified by the Hon. Handicapper and are as below. Embarrassingly I’ve gone into first place on 88.5 points, closely followed by Gary Johnson 2nd on 88.2 and Graham Lake in 3rd on 87.8.

The spot prize for the best effort against predicted finishing times, goes to James Rawstron, a Toblerone awaits you! The predicted times and method are available for each runner that took part here.

More fell points await at the next counting race  –Beamsley Beacon 22/06/2017. Predictions will be adjusted and another Toblerone will await the best individual performance on the night!

Fell league results after 1st race
Place Name Points
1 Tom Lynch 88.5
2 Gary Johnson 88.2
3 Graham Lake 87.8
4 John Dade 80
5 Colin Best 78.1
6 James Rawstron 74.9
7 Mike Hastings 72.9
8 Don Buffham 66.9
9 Billy Rayner 66.6
10 Gloria Jackson 66.6
11 Antonio Cardinale 55.8


Tuesday 30th May – YVAA Grand Prix Kirkstall

Report from Billy

Myself and Sara Elliott were accompanied by Liam Dunne and Robin Outtersides at the second race of the series. Starting and finishing at Kirkstall Abbey the route went up New Road Side past Kirkstall Forge before turning down towards the River Aire. A short run along the riverbank before crossing the river, canal and railway uphill and turning into Bramley Falls Park. After a loop of the woods in the park we followed the same route back to the Abbey.

The ladies race was won by Margaret Beever from Stainland Lions in 38:35 with Sara finishing 24th in 46:08.

The men’s race was won by Gavin Mulholland from Stainland Lions in 33:37. Robin finished 3rd in 35:03, Liam 15th in 37:11 and me in 156th in 52:03.

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Monday 29th May – Austwick Amble

Report from the Hon. Handicapper

The Austwick show hosts an 8 mile race in the shadow of Ingleborough, which is basically across to Sulber Nick, an infamous rocky section near the end of the 3 Peaks run/walk.

My race preparation was a classic case of what not to do to race well. A 3rd race in 6 days and a hilly run up & down the Chevin the day before, but all good training, probably!  Four Otley folk plus a couple of former members, (Dale Foster & Martin Smillie), toed the start line in the centre of the village.

Chris Arthur from Bowland Fell Runners won in 48:44, 1st woman was Christine Singleton, Trawden 1:04:43.  I was 29th 1:03:37, John Dade was 76th 1:13:56. Colin Best, Martin & Caron Ralph were toing and froing the whole race, Martin eventually coming back first ahead of Caron, 93rd 1:20:27 and Colin 94th 1:21:04.  Full results


Monday 29 May – London 10,000m

Report from Tash Whittaker

On a humid Bank Holiday Monday, I lined up for my 4th London 10,000.

 It’s a great race as it’s a mass participation one (this year with 12,400 runners) and it gives you a chance to follow the last bit of the Marathon course, starting and finishing in front of Buckingham Palace.  This year I started with even more anticipation than previous years as it was my first 10K race since joining the club.

The first kilometre was slower than I hoped as I started in the last pen and the first section of the course was narrow, but after Trafalgar Square I was able to pick up the pace and felt good as I passed the half way mark by the Bank of England.  Once I hit the Strand again the crowds were out in force and it was a fantastic last 2k back to the finish through Whitehall, past Big Ben and along Birdcage walk. Â

By the time I passed the finish line, the sun was beating down and although it wasn’t a PB course for me , I got my best time for this race, finishing 718 places above last year!


Monday 29th May: Ilkley Trail race

Report from Pete Gosling

Off up the valley on Sunday morning for the Ilkley Trail Race. At just over seven miles it was apparently a longer and less hilly route than in previous years (I was none the wiser as it was my first go at this). After a minute’s silence at the start line, we were sent off up the hill onto Middleton Moor and no stunning views whatsoever as we were running through cloud for a lot of the race. The cool drizzle made for very comfortable running though and the whole thing finished with an enormous downhill.
Tom Adams of Ilkley Harriers beat his own record, finishing in 38’42; first woman home was Aisling Wall of Horsforth Harriers in 48’35.
Steve Robinson was first back for Otley in 53’55, I came home in 56’07, Andy Webster 59’51, Roger Davis 1’06’24, and Antonio Cardinale in 1’28’48. (Provisional results)

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Sunday 28th May: Fraserburgh 10k

Report from Ian B

I ran The Fraserburgh 10k on Sunday 28th whilst en route to the Shetland islands and Evie did the kids fun run beforehand.

The run itself was flat and run over road and tracks down an old railway line. Pretty flat all round but the killer was the wind. After struggling with injuries all winter I’ve been keen to get going and after the Hdsl race Tuesday was feeling much fitter.

Ran the first 5k in 22 mins and started dreaming of a PB, however this was also the turning point for home and head first in to severely strong wind meaning I ran the 2nd 5k in nearer 26 minutes.

Really well organised, friendly marshals with the local club, Aberdeen and Peterhead enjoying some friendly rivalry. Nice hot showers at the end too. They gave me a flyer for the half marathon in November, 700 mile round trip if anyone fancies it.

58th out of 152 in 47:46, the race was won by Batek Osior in 34:05, nearly 2 mins ahead of 2nd place.

Off to the Shetlands now!

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Sunday 28th May: Melmerby 10k

Report from Mark Hall

Winner: Franco Pardini, Roundhay Runners, 33.33. Mark Hall, 7th 1st V55, 36.11

The race was warm, windy, undulating with a disappointing time. Did not see any other OAC runners.

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Saturday 27th May – European aquathlon championships Bratislava

Report from Howard Jeffrey

Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, seemed an interesting place for a weeks’ holiday for Jacque and I as we have never been to eastern Europe before. As luck would have it I had pre-qualified for the ETU aquathlon championships by making the podium in France last year. Race  and prep out of the way in the first couple of days then free to enjoy the sights and experiences and the weather predicted to be hot and sunny.    There were some different names on the roster in my age group this year and from checking the form I had worked out that I could make a bronze medal behind an Italian (the eventual winner) and a fellow Brit who I have beaten in duathlons before but whose swim looked much stronger (he was eventually second). The race itself is short and sharp in comparison to others in that it is 1000m open water swim followed by a 5K run. I would prefer larger fields of competitors in the age group but there was only one other competitor in my age group and if I was able to swim and run to form I was going to make 3rd and get another bronze. When I picked up my number I was 500 and I did not notice if the others were 497 etc. or 501 etc. as I was last on the list which could have been alphabetical. They tried to make it like the elite competition in that they announced your name and country and took up position on a numbered carpet on the pebbly beach. I had been in the water the day before and it was warm, calm and clear and the wetsuit felt good so there were going to be no excuses for a poor swim. We set off at 9.00 a.m. in a wave of about 80 and the sun was already high and the temperature slowly rising and at about 24 degrees which is quite warm to run in as you all know.     My right hamstring after the really hard race last week had been slightly more than a bit stiff and I had applied all the remedies known to man to get it back mobilised for the run which thankfully was only 5K. I had not dared to even jog in the intervening week so a prayer that it held up once I got going and more practically, strategically applied KT tape and I was good to go. The gun went and the pack went off hell for leather, I however let them go and follow in calmer conditions that suit my swim capabilities and ease into swim mode as there is always the danger of hyperventilating and if that happens, as a race it is over. I got into my best rhythm straight away and overtook the novices who had fallen into the trap I just described. I saw at least one being rescued by a kayak at the first buoy at 200m. On to the next buoy at 300m then back to the beach for ‘an Australian’ exit where you come out of the water and dive back in to the roar of the crowd. The Slovaks were out in force and they are a knowledgeable audience and sporting nation in that their very own Varga (a triathlon great) was racing in the elites later in the day as well as one of their women (can’t recall her name) and of course Peter Sagan ( a cycling great) is one of their number and I am sure they have tennis greats too, so they were generous in their support. The foreign contingent and their support (for their own races later in the day) were also there, as we all had to set up in transition before the first race (which was mine and a few other age groupers).    I exited the water towards the back of the group but was thankfully not last and took the run along the beach and re-entry steadily (which Jacque described as fannying around!) back into swim mode comfortably and repeated the course and final exit of the water in 21 minutes which I have to say is about as fast as I can currently go. Now for the slick transition. Well I got the top of the wetsuit off no problem as I practice that at the open water training sessions. I had deliberately not zipped up the tri-suit for two reasons, one to breath better during the swim and two so not to be too hot on the run. I noticed when watching the elites later that they were all undoing their zips during the first few meters of the run. Here is why. When you remove the wetsuit with an unzipped tri-suit the two garments get into an unholy tangle of wet sticky fabric and you have to fanny around to separate them and put the tri-suit back on. Precious seconds wasted and I also feared a penalty for ‘nudity’ as you are not allowed to go torso (or anything else) nu because the women can’t. Head in a bit of a spin today as long time horizontal and rolling in the water to upright and trying to multitask in the heat. Eventually got out of the suit and it was like my running shoes did not want to go out to play today. I had to sit down and explain to them that yes they were. Other people seemed to be effortlessly floating out of transition and leaving me in their wake. Oh No I thought please not fourth that would be failure today as form said third was my place. I got up and headed for the exit to the run, referee’s whistle? Disaster DQD? No (phew) still had my swim cap and googles (they were pushed up off my eyes at least) and was being advised which was good of him. Had to reverse back to put the blighters in the numbered box at my station. Nothing like giving the competition a head start!    The run course was an odd one. 5 laps of 1K up a narrow tarmac path to a cone at 500m with a sharp turn. A deceptively testing incline over a stream feeding the lake which you had to negotiate 10 times. At the top of the first one I was aware that in the last four weeks I have done 4 really hard and mainly very hilly races. Post race the other guys also reckoned these inclines had added a minute to the normal 5K pace so what was tough for me was tough for them. After 1K I had settled into a reasonably strong pace and the GB support was good and confirmed at least I looked strong which I was happy to believe (you judge from the photos). No problem with the hamstring so time to race! Who though? All the field was on the course and the numbers were clear I had to make a decision who to focus on. Maybe 350m ahead I spotted number 501 who I suspected was the only man to beat for a podium place. Head clear now as able to douse with cold water at the drink station each lap so judge the pace and with clear 500m points could see what the relative run speeds were and what action to take without blowing up in the open sun at 26 degrees and rising. Am clearly the faster of the two and have  I spotted the hunted look of fear in the rivals expression? I think so. It gets harder and it hurts but I look for the reserves to get up to and overtake 501 who I have to still believe is the one to beat. I have to get enough daylight between us in case he has a sprint finish that is better than mine (as if, but you never know!). Final 500m and am up on my toes and finishing strongly without any potential rivals near. Just have to hope I have raced the right one. Jacque saw the result before me and I finished third and had chosen the right one to race. Looking forward to the next one now.


Saturday 27th May – ParkRuns

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
Fountains Abbey
1 1 Adam Howlett Unattached 18:29
3 3 Andrew Robertshaw Otley AC 18:56
14 1 Kath Aspin New Marske H. AC 19:56
26 25 Peter Crowder Otley AC 20:44
33 32 Tony Walker Otley AC 21:05
39 38 James Rawstron Otley AC 21:21
61 7 Sara Elliott Otley AC 22:53
74 11 Caron Ralph Otley AC 23:41
99 85 Andrew Rayner Otley AC 24:59
1 1 Richard Smith Worcester AC 17:46
3 1 Ruth Jones Unattached 18:08
62 57 Jenson Brogden Otley AC 22:15
148 132 Andrew Webster Otley AC 25:00
149 133 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 25:04
305 72 Alice Webster Otley AC 29:03
1 1 Ben Sache Wigan Phoenix 17:53
25 1 Bev Wright Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde AC 23:14
130 101 Rob Fearnley Otley AC 31:48
Woodhouse Moor
1 1 Joshua Woodcock-Shaw Spenborough & D. AC 16:11
26 1 Anna Hay Unattached 20:28
146 108 Steven Robinson Otley AC 25:40


Tuesday 23rd May – Harrogate League Race 1

Congratulations to Harrogate Harriers for hosting the first league race of the summer, held on a perfect early summer’s evening.  A superb turnout of 53 Black & Whites, or should that be White & Blacks?  Ben Pease of Ripon was first home 20 seconds ahead of his team mate Reece Dalton.   Sharon Barlow from the host club was a clear winner finishing  in 19th position.  Gary Johnson was the first Otley counter in 8th and there was a close battle for 2nd counter with Graham Lake taking the honours just ahead of Tom Lynch and Liam Dunne.  Sara Elliott was first counter in the ladies race followed by Liz Yates and Caron Ralph.

Chilli and Chips/Bread plus a wide variety of cakes went down very well and at the local pub the Squinting Cat.

Lots of photos on the Harrogate League Facebook site here and a full set of results here.  For a full list of our finishing times Read the rest of this entry »

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