Wednesday 3rd May – John Carr 5k – Race 1

Wednesday 3rd May – John Carr 5k – Race 1

Report from Robin Outtersides:

John Carr Series Race 1.

I entered this series on the back of a PB at the third of these last year. This year’s race took place in the grounds of the Yorkshire Water Works in Esholt. Hmm I thought. I could run there, do the race, then run back. So off I set darn Bradford Road towards Esholt and inevitable glory. I got there a bit early and saw that people were heading wildebeest like in the opposite direction to the start line. It was all rather strange, sort of like zombie film gone wrong. I carried on a bit then got nervous. Turns out the new start line was at a different spot to last year. Stay with me, this report gets better. I met up with Gary Johnson, fresh from a splendid 17 odd Parkrun and Tom Lynch, fresh from his meteoric sub 3 London Marathon, and settled down to focus on the job in hand. Eriks Zvaigzne was around as well. He hadn’t done anything splendid or meteoric but he had overtaken me in his car going down Bradford Road ( told you the report got better ). And he is just splendid and meteoric anyway. There was another fella from Otley there. Oh and Mark Hall I think was there but not running.

Anyhow, after being cattle hurded into our pen, we awaited our instructions. I felt guilty for having started nearer the front than Gary or Tom but that soon passed as I realised it was all about me.

The race started and off I went. The route is roady, fresh (!) and a bit like a wind tunnel. There are rights, left and ooh a straight on. Then a turn. I’ll come to the finish later ( wowee, it’s a belter ). My pace was startling getting down to 4.57 at one point. I carried on and felt like a king, passing people left right and centre. Sam Clegg, Craig Shearer, and King Kevin Ogden were ahead of me, and I was making swift progress. Seeing Will Kerr, Saltaire’s talisman, on the sidelines gave me a welcome boost as I sped on thinking a PB and a world record could be possible. I turned back and saw Gary and Tom not too far behind. It was looking good for Otley. Right, the finish. We had reccied it before the race started and it seemed good but my word. The last few hundred yards is a plinth-sided majestic jaw dropper which winds round to the inflatable arches. I darted under with a 16:47, whilst Gary did likewise with a 17:09 ( PB!) and Tom with a 17:49 (PB! as well).

Two more to go in the series. Sam “Clegger” Clegg won in 15 something. Onwards and upwards. Or sideways. Depends on how you run. Here are the results.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 3rd May – John Carr 5k – Race 1

  1. Yes Robin , a great report from Esholt and your 16.47 is fast . Compliments to Gary J. for his PB. done in 17.09 and as well to Tom L. who’s PB. was achieved in 17.49. Well done to all .

  2. Ha, ha, your report has just cheered up a boring Monday at work. Well done lads, you’re all running really well at the minute. I think us ladies need to do some secret training and up our game!

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