Saturday 6th May – Over The Odda 10K

Saturday 6th May – Over The Odda 10K

Report from Joanna Hobson

I found myself sitting in Hawksworth this morning waiting for the start of the Over The Odda race which I last did 2 years ago and swore never to do again! Described as “A challenging trail race with stunning views over both the Aire and Wharfe Valleys”, it doesn’t fail to live up to its name. Strava showed 899ft elevation gain which for a 10k is not bad!

Having arrived I knew I had to run so started looking for other Otley ACers. I  began to think I was the only black and white there until Andy Webster popped up as Alice had been running in the juniors race earlier.

The start point is Hawksworth Primary School and we set off together (although Andy soon became a dot in the distance to me) as the course takes a long and winding route downhill through fields for approximately 1.5k until you turn and start to ascend steeply until you arrive at the 3k mark right back where you started!  After this is a steep climb up through the woods and up and over the Odda, for a welcome descent through gorse bushes to the woods behind Highroyds. A very pleasant stretch follows through woodland until you start the ascent back over the Odda again. Thanks to Stephen Boddy for his very welcome support and words of encouragement. By this point I realised that I was actually really enjoying the run so I started to relax and it somehow all became a little easier. After the final ascent over the Odda a lovely fast downhill through the woods (avoiding tree roots) takes you back to the road and finally back up to the primary school for the very welcome finish line. I finished in 65:56 (over 2 minutes faster than 2 years ago) and Andrew Webster in 55:16. The winner was Tom Adams in 35:45 and 1st female was Jeanette Holmes-Thomson in 48:44

This race is a fund raiser for Hawksworth Primary, is very well organised and a really fun event. I suspect at some point there will be some horrendous photos as the photographer seemed to pop up all over the place!

Otley juniors also did very well in the junior races so hopefully someone can report on them.

4 thoughts on “Saturday 6th May – Over The Odda 10K

  1. Well done indeed Joanna , 65.66 for a such challenging route is really a good result . Also Andy W. ran well in 55.16 . I liked as well the report from Over The Odda 10k .

  2. Well done Joanna and well done to all the juniors, we have some good kids starting to enter the races.

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