Runner of the Month

Runner of the Month

As it couldn’t be decided who should be male runner of the month for April it was decided to award it to both Tom Lynch & Stephen Boddy. Tom for getting sub 3hrs at London and Stephen, who although not quite as quick in London at 3:39, managed an impressive 4:48 at the Three Peaks just a week later.

The ladies runner of the month went to new member Charlotte Boardman who has moved up from the beginners. Charlotte recorded an impressive 1:31 at Vale of York 10.


11 thoughts on “Runner of the Month

  1. Well deserved winners, Tom and Stephen are running brilliantly at the minute (although I still query Stephen’s sanity). Impressive run from Charlotte too, will be interesting to see how she progresses.

  2. Well deserved, but surely the committee should have disqualified Stephen for his blatent attempt to sway the result (as evidenced by his 3 peaks race report) – it’s a scandal.

  3. I agree with Caron R. and Hannah L. they are well deserved winners . Congratulations to Charlotte B. for the Award , her 1.31 for 10 miles is really good . Tom L. is running with strong consistency, and he is racing a lot , also Stephen B. is running well.

  4. Very well deserved runners of the month. Great to see Tom and Stephen at so many events and Charlotte is definitely improving at every run – Good Luck Charlotte for Leeds Half on Sunday.

  5. Thanks guys, this goes a long way to make amends for me missing out in May 2015 which I’m still very bitter about.

    Apologies Tom, my report was a grubby and transparent attempt to sway the vote in my favour and it reflects badly on me. (I’d do it again though) However, the real scandal in all this is the use of evidence as a verb. 😉

  6. Who is this mysterious Tom though? Righter of wrongs and champion of the people? Just to clarify, it’s not me congratulating myself 😀

  7. I am the culprit – Tom Hannah must have fond memories of when he was the ‘only’ Tom.

    I see no scandal with the use of ‘evidence’ as a verb. As I’m sure we’re all aware, Marthin Fortherby, Bishop of Salisbury used it (posthumously) in his 1622 work Atheomastix. Good enough for him – good enough for me!

  8. evidence


    verb: evidence; 3rd person present: evidences; past tense: evidenced; past participle: evidenced; gerund or present participle: evidencing

    No scandal in the winners nor the use of evidence as a verb now, apparently.

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