Tuesday 9th May – Jack Bloor Fell Race

Tuesday 9th May – Jack Bloor Fell Race

Report from Caron Ralph:

Tuesday brought the inevitable midge biting start of the Jack Bloor Fell Race on Ilkley Moor.  Having picked up 2nd claim member Sean O’Halloran on my way and Andrew in the back (in a supporting not racing role tonight) we headed off on a beautiful spring evening.  We watched some of our Juniors competing- Skye Fuller and Charlotte Rawstron doing especially well, among other Otley Juniors ( whom I’m not sure of names) Lining up to enter we saw Matt P, Tom Paget, Antonio C, Carl Walsh, Colin and our only other lady Mary Hampshire.  The race starts at Darwen Gardens and follows the very steep ‘ski slope’ up and over to 1st checkpoint at the Badger Stone then a bit of undulation and descent to the next checkpoint at the Swastika Stone- by this stage I managed to pass fell gazelle Colin who seems to lope up the hills.  Turning back up the hill I then had to tie my shoelace and was passed by a smiling Carl Walsh and Colin not far behind, on past the checkpoint at Cowpers Cross,  Matt and Tom out of sight by this time, I trudged on to the top and along the paving slabs still keeping Carl in my sights,  passed the Trig checkpoint then off into the infamous Jack Bloor bogs….this year only ankle deep rather than calf deep due to some lovely weather-I might add they’re still leg sappingly slow to run through, then onto the last killer descent, depending on your local knowledge this down can take 2 or 3 different directions.  Having caught up to Carl I decided to go down the steep heathery side of the steps with Carl opting for the stone steps. Managing to pull away from him due to the ‘shortcut’  its then a blast down the track, up and over the next checkpoint and a sprint home.  Everyone seemed to have a good race but Colin did mumble something about taking the wrong route down and Mary said she thoroughly enjoyed it and doesn’t know why she’s never done it before!

1st Man- Jack Wood, Ilkley Harriers 38:57, 1st lady- Lucy Haines, Ilkley Harriers 48:20.

1st back for Otley was Tom Paget, 54th 49:23,  followed by.. 149th Matt Podd 1:00:40,  161st Caron Ralph 1:02:06,  173rd Carl Walsh 1:03:15,  185th Colin Best 1:07:33,  193rd Mary Hampshire 1:10:07,  2nd claimer Sean O’Halloran 219th 1:15:48,  227th Antonio Cardinale 1:46:06.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 9th May – Jack Bloor Fell Race

  1. I really liked your report from Ilkley Caron and your 1.02 means that you are in good shape . Tom P. was seen flying 49.23 is really good , also Mary H. had a strong run in 1.10. Well done everybody.

  2. Lovely report Caron! It was a great evening, and I really enjoyed the views of the moor, as I tend to inhabit the Burley end on my runs!

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