Wednesday 10th May – John Carr Race 2

Wednesday 10th May – John Carr Race 2

Report from Robin Outtersides

Ok so here we go again. Race two and once again I set off down Bradford Road with my legendary warm up. I was wearing headphones which gave me a “zoned in” look, which I was really quite impressed with. When I got there I got caught up in the hurly burly of pre race chatter and the atmos ( short for atmosphere ) was electric. I chatted to Tom Lynch, fresh from last week’s PB and Billy Rayner. The course was once more a belter and I spotted some famous faces, including John Hobbs of Valley Striders, Mike Burrett of Leeds City and the mighty Dan Garbutt was also taking part.

The start was the usual blur of legs and arms, and one poor soul fell as the runners found their positions. I ran well again and saw Mark Hall along the way, cheering people on. He told me I was in 14th position which was cool by me. I found the hill this week a bit of a chore but once I came round the bendy bit ( technical jargon, and last unnecessary use of brackets I promise ) I was racing to the finish. I rattled through the finishing tape in 16:45 with Tom Lynch finishing in 18:06, Billy in 23:43 and Tom Paget in 19:56 and maybe a PB? Not sure. Tom Cornthwaite won in 15:40. and the female winner was Danielle Hodgkinson in 17:07.  The results were out quickly and check em ‘art. One more to go in the series, cunningly entitled Race 3.

Results are here

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 10th May – John Carr Race 2

  1. Excellent running Robin and well done to the other OAC runners too. I am just happy that you are doing this series as your reports are very funny pity there is only one more to come.

  2. I agree with Mark H . about Robin’s excellent running in 16.45 and the good report as well , also Tom P. ran strongly in 19.56 , maybe a PB ! Well done to all .

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