Wednesday 17th May – Kildwick Fell Race

Wednesday 17th May – Kildwick Fell Race

Report from Graham Lake:

Kildwick Fell Race, BS 6Km, 245M (or 3.7M, 804ft post-brexit)

Only two Black and Whites braved the forecast for what turned out to be a beautiful, dry evening race. Kildwick is similar to the Chevin Fell race in that there’s a bit of road, a steep road climb then some moorland running. Having had a look at the downhill, and knowing how much Jonny Lane hurts on the descent I swapped from fell to trail shoes, which turned out to be a good call.

I set off fairly steadily, passing a watching OWH and his positive comment of “you can have a rest at the gate”, which I did, for 2 seconds. The field soon spread out and I found myself at the back of the lead group behind a chap from Skipton who I’d had a good battle with at Rivock Edge. Following him up the tricky 2nd climb to the memorial, he seemed to be struggling off the top and so I put my foot down and overtook going over the lovely springy ground and the start of the very fast descent. I’m not good on tricky descents, but knew I should make up time on this sort of fast terrain, and getting to the top of the road I was catching a chap from Fellandale.

The course finishes over a bridge, then you drop down on to the canal via a gate, apparently some of the leaders hopped straight off the bridge to the towpath below! On the towpath I caught the Fellandaler, and hesitated thinking I should wait for a sprint finish on the field, but I could hear him blowing hard, so went passed and finished ahead of him (despite over-running the turn in to the field).

A really enjoyable race won by Ali Burns now of Wharfedale in 26.04

I finished in 14th (2nd old person) in 28.50

First home for the ladies was Karen Pickles P&B in 32.40 with our Caron finishing 12th female in 38.42.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 17th May – Kildwick Fell Race

  1. Ha ha! Thanks Graham..,,12th female is probably about 12th from the back too! Kudos on good race tactics!

  2. I did this one last year and I did not enjoy it because there were too many turnings and too many roots as well . I liked the report from Kildwick and your running is really good Graham , 28.50 is fast . Also Caron R. had a super fell race finishing in 38.42 , a strong result indeed .

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