Sunday 28th May: Fraserburgh 10k

Sunday 28th May: Fraserburgh 10k

Report from Ian B

I ran The Fraserburgh 10k on Sunday 28th whilst en route to the Shetland islands and Evie did the kids fun run beforehand.

The run itself was flat and run over road and tracks down an old railway line. Pretty flat all round but the killer was the wind. After struggling with injuries all winter I’ve been keen to get going and after the Hdsl race Tuesday was feeling much fitter.

Ran the first 5k in 22 mins and started dreaming of a PB, however this was also the turning point for home and head first in to severely strong wind meaning I ran the 2nd 5k in nearer 26 minutes.

Really well organised, friendly marshals with the local club, Aberdeen and Peterhead enjoying some friendly rivalry. Nice hot showers at the end too. They gave me a flyer for the half marathon in November, 700 mile round trip if anyone fancies it.

58th out of 152 in 47:46, the race was won by Batek Osior in 34:05, nearly 2 mins ahead of 2nd place.

Off to the Shetlands now!

One thought on “Sunday 28th May: Fraserburgh 10k

  1. After the winter struggling with injuries , your 47.46 achieved in this Fraserburgh 10k is good , considering as well the strong wind . I would fancy to run the Aberdeen half in November , but 700 miles are too many for my old Fiesta . Well done to Ian .

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