Wednesday 31st May – Chevin Fell Race and Fell League Results

Wednesday 31st May – Chevin Fell Race and Fell League Results

Report from Billy

In a busy week several Black & Whites turned out for the annual Chevin Fell Race hosted by Skyrac.

The race was won by Jack Wood of Ilkley.

First home for Otley was Gary Johnson. Tom Lynch, Graham Lake, Colin Best, John Dade, myself and Antonio plus a few more also ran. Results to follow.

Report from Tom Lynch:

The Chevin race results are now out, and so the first results of the fell league are ready! The full results for the race are here, and the relevant results for Otley are:

1st Jack Wood (Ilkley) 17.34
31st Rachel Pilling (P&B) 22.12
For Otley:
8th Gary Johnson 20.16
9th Tom Lynch 20.21
23rd Graham Lake 21.12
56th Michael Hastings 24.17
65th James Rawstron 25.02
77th John Dade 25.48
101st Colin Best 28.03
112th Andrew Rayner 30.14
125th Don Buffham 32.41
126th Bob Payne 33.32
130th Gloria Jackson 36.23
134th Antonion Cardinale 42.02

For the fell league runner of the year competition the results were processed, calculated and verified by the Hon. Handicapper and are as below. Embarrassingly I’ve gone into first place on 88.5 points, closely followed by Gary Johnson 2nd on 88.2 and Graham Lake in 3rd on 87.8.

The spot prize for the best effort against predicted finishing times, goes to James Rawstron, a Toblerone awaits you! The predicted times and method are available for each runner that took part here.

More fell points await at the next counting race  –Beamsley Beacon 22/06/2017. Predictions will be adjusted and another Toblerone will await the best individual performance on the night!

Fell league results after 1st race
Place Name Points
1 Tom Lynch 88.5
2 Gary Johnson 88.2
3 Graham Lake 87.8
4 John Dade 80
5 Colin Best 78.1
6 James Rawstron 74.9
7 Mike Hastings 72.9
8 Don Buffham 66.9
9 Billy Rayner 66.6
10 Gloria Jackson 66.6
11 Antonio Cardinale 55.8

6 thoughts on “Wednesday 31st May – Chevin Fell Race and Fell League Results

  1. Yep, who knows the inner workings of the mythical Robertshaw-Lynch method….unclear to anyone and open to question.

    On the other hand, the predicted times system for the spot prizes has obviously proved to be a noble, honest and robust system that everyone has full confidence in 🙂 #showmethetoblerone.

  2. I believe any wealth should be shared for the greater good of the (fell running) community #givemeachunkoftoblerone

  3. I concur – I feel slightly cheeky at winning a toblerone for running slightly less poorly on the Chevin than I did at Ilkley earlier this year but I take my kicks where I can get them now I’m in the V45 category.

    I’ve checked with Tom L’s formula and apparently I am OK to let you have 0.8878 of a chunk…

  4. It is great to see after many years Bob P. back to racing , as well with an impressive performance going through the finishing line in 33.22 , also my friend Don B. had a great climbing to the top and finishing in 32.41 . Gloria J. had a good race indeed in 33.26 not bad at all ,also our President Billy R. ran a solid fell race in 30.14. Well done to all .

  5. As long as you ran slightly less poorly James….phew! The system works! I’ll bring the toblerone to club next week, I can leave it in teh box if you aren’t around….could be risky. I don’t even know the inner workings of the Robertshaw method, the results just turn up on my doorstep in a brown envelope…

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