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Sunday 21st May – European Long Distance Duathlon Champs. St Wendel Germany

Report from Howard:

I well remember the words of the witty Nick Hancock (remember him) when he said ‘Birmingham City have discovered there is no such thing as an easy game of football…..especially when you’re shite’! By the same premise I discovered that there is no such thing as an easy ‘long’ (it is actually ‘only’ a middle) distance duathlon. Whilst perhaps not actually shite I am competing at the absolute limit of my level of training allows. No amount of hours on a turbo trainer in the bedroom is adequate preparation for a hilly bike course. Likewise I can cope with a hill or two in a 10K run but any more and the power has gone from my legs but more of that later.

HowardEuropeanDuathlon3I set off for the venue on Thursday morning and stopped overnight in France. It had rained constantly on the journey and the following day as well and vast swathes of Germany were under water. Half thought it might end up being an aquathlon! I registered and racked the bike on Saturday afternoon and the rain had stopped and the sun was breaking through so there was hope for Sunday. I also did the bike recce on Saturday  since I had not even been out on the bike or on the turbo for a week. Likewise recovering from the Leeds half took until Saturday morning when I went for a ‘jog’ but that was uphill ( with hindsight a little unwise) through a beautiful silent forest in the pine fresh air and complete silence apart from a few birdsongs. As I felt good I followed the signs up and up and up to the Hunting lodge which was typical Germanic wood building where I expected to bump into Little Red Riding Hood.

The bike recce was a slow 20K plus lap and even though we were going slowly the hills HowardEuropeanDuathlon2were a bit tough and plenty of them. Oh dear! I did not recce the run route (glad I did not) but the reports back from those that did was that it was going to be a tester. For those of you that run fells all this probably sounds a bit wimpish but my preferred courses are undulating and on tarmac and it is what I train to do. This year was going to be more of a race than previous years in that there were 15 in the age group, mainly Germans with representatives from GB (2 of us), Italy, Denmark Belgium, Austria and France (the eventual winner by a long way). Having struggled to even finish the last one success today was going to be a finish in the top ten, thus pre-qualifying for the next one.

The forecast was for clear sun and a temperature rising to 24 degrees and a very mild breeze so pretty OK for me. When I drove to the venue the temperature was 3 degrees! The sun was coming up and the valleys were shrouded in mist and I was on my way to Avalon again, fantastic. I had taken gear for all combinations of weather so had the right combo’s for the day. It got very, very hot as I was out on the course for 4 hours and 28 minutes! An hour more than the comparable course last year at Copenhagen where the route was flat but also windy. The race consists of nominally 10K run followed by 60K bike and topped off with another 10K run. You don’t just turn up and do well or even finish as many, many people found to their cost ( I scanned all the results). At 9.05 the gun went off and I established a steady rhythm at about 45 minute 10K pace. For those that know the Guiseley Gallop route there is a really tough hill to climb. Well this route had something very similar but we had to go up 4 times over the course of the two laps and the descents where I normally sail down were across stony tracks and grass meadows, squidgy in places. It took more than 50 minutes to get back to transition but I still felt OK and onto the bike it was. In short the HowardEuropeanDuathlon1bike route could be likened to going up and down the Chevin maybe 12 times over the three laps. It was hot and on the last ascent I was down to my last ounce of strength just to turn the cranks the gauges were on red. I thought I might have to walk up the last hill with the bike but I hung on again and it was downhill to the transition. I saw the runners on the grass in the sunshine with the black forest hills in the background and instead of dreading the final run I actually thought I quite fancy a run! Must have been heatstroke! I say run it took a while for the legs to get going again off the bike and we had the four hard hills to negotiate. This is the fourth one of these I have done and know the last 10K is always a challenge. I did have to walk up the last two hills ( it was actually quicker as the strides were longer) and rounded off the day with a 1.04 last 10K. I said it was tough. Reward is prequalification for next year ( I hope it will be a flatter course) because I came 9th in the age group. Slight disappointment as there were only 10 turned up. Still I beat a German on his home turf so worth it just for that. Some of the competitors are going on to do Zofilgen which is in Switzerland and is effectively that course but twice! Now that is a long distance duathlon course.

Next weekend is the European Aquathlon championships in Bratislava 1K swim 5K run. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


Saturday 20th May – Charlesworth Chase

Report from Matt Podd:

The old men were allowed out to play again and this time we had young Braveheart with us. Off with Dave Tait and Shane Ewan to Appletreewick, where we met Antonio; for a runout up and down Simon’s Seat, on a lovely morning. Must be the 5th or 6th running of this race which was setup originally to celebrate the marriage of Mr and Mrs Charlesworth. A fast start down the riverbank soon leads to the main event – climbing the mighty Simons Seat to touch the trig and back down the same way. The descent off is very tricky and there was ritual bloodletting as ever – not by me! It’s worth saving a bit for the flattish run in as places can be gained, but more can be gained by one’s speed downing a pint of ale at the finish.

Not sure who won, but Ian Holmes was in the top three – results on FRA website and pictures, here of Otley resident Dave Tait Woodentops set 1, set 2. Lovely race in good company – my last as a 50 year old.


Saturday May 20th – Sowerby Scorcher

Report from Mark Hall:

Sowerby Scorcher 6.3 miles (over 10k) 20/05/17

Ran the SS as above. This is a multi terrain event. There were 2 marshals missing during the event so lost a minimum of a minute waiting for the next runner! I was 2nd and won a bottle of red wine the winner received a sparkling bottle of wine, it really is getting worse! Winner: Gavin Mullholland, Staniland Lions 39.23. My time 40.57


Saturday 20th May – Parkruns

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Will Kerr Saltaire Striders 17:22
16 1 Sarah Flaherty Bingley H. & AC 21:12
345 131 Victoria Taylor Otley AC 35:09
346 215 Chris Taylor Otley AC 35:16
Fountains Abbey
1 1 Reece Dalton Ripon Runners 17:14
4 1 Diane Moore Headington RRC 18:49
36 29 Peter Crowder Otley AC 20:55
1 1 Jack Wood Ilkley Harriers AC 17:10
44 1 Lindsay Dixon Newcastle (Staffs) AC 21:20
66 65 Jenson Brogden Otley AC 22:03
84 5 Sara Elliott Otley AC 22:38

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Wednesday 17th May – Kildwick Fell Race

Report from Graham Lake:

Kildwick Fell Race, BS 6Km, 245M (or 3.7M, 804ft post-brexit)

Only two Black and Whites braved the forecast for what turned out to be a beautiful, dry evening race. Kildwick is similar to the Chevin Fell race in that there’s a bit of road, a steep road climb then some moorland running. Having had a look at the downhill, and knowing how much Jonny Lane hurts on the descent I swapped from fell to trail shoes, which turned out to be a good call.

I set off fairly steadily, passing a watching OWH and his positive comment of “you can have a rest at the gate”, which I did, for 2 seconds. The field soon spread out and I found myself at the back of the lead group behind a chap from Skipton who I’d had a good battle with at Rivock Edge. Following him up the tricky 2nd climb to the memorial, he seemed to be struggling off the top and so I put my foot down and overtook going over the lovely springy ground and the start of the very fast descent. I’m not good on tricky descents, but knew I should make up time on this sort of fast terrain, and getting to the top of the road I was catching a chap from Fellandale.

The course finishes over a bridge, then you drop down on to the canal via a gate, apparently some of the leaders hopped straight off the bridge to the towpath below! On the towpath I caught the Fellandaler, and hesitated thinking I should wait for a sprint finish on the field, but I could hear him blowing hard, so went passed and finished ahead of him (despite over-running the turn in to the field).

A really enjoyable race won by Ali Burns now of Wharfedale in 26.04

I finished in 14th (2nd old person) in 28.50

First home for the ladies was Karen Pickles P&B in 32.40 with our Caron finishing 12th female in 38.42.


Wednesday 17th May – John Carr Race 3

Report from Robin…

So we roll on into Race 3 of the John Carr Series and this time I get a lift there. Oh yes, I am saving these bad boys ( points to legs ). The scene is set when I arrive with various “Go Robin” banners and “We love you Outtersides” signs up all around.  I have a short chat with PB-er in waiting Stephen Boddy and Tom Lynch and after some short run chat we are placed in our pen. I spot fellow old dude Richard Herrington and am ready to re-write history. Off we go and I am immediately into my stride ticking off those k like only I know how. I am enjoying things a lot and am chasing down some familiar faces ( or behinds to be more specific ). Craig Shearer, Sam Clegg, and Tom Adams are all there as well as Sarah Garbutt. Tireless Kevin Ogden is there. So I carry on and find some rhythm. At the turn I am electric, and soon find myself in Mr Will Kerr’s slipstream. The hill beckons and I am feeling the pain, but not too much. Just a bit.  A smidgeon.  But I have some gas left so I turn it on.  And down the hill I go.  Through the plinth section and over the tape in 16:51. I turn round and spot Tom crossing the line in another PB-17:48 with Stephen Boddy PB-ing also in 19:40. Billy Rayner, having “nothing in the tank” after Saturday’s Leeds Half finished in 23:56. Special mention to Donald Buffham who finished with a 26:06. Evergreen Tom Adams won the race in 15:31. Top series this. I reckon I’ll do it next year.

Results at

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Sunday 14th May – Ripon 10

Report From Sara

After deciding I wasn’t feeling the love for Leeds Half I took the plunge and entered Ripon 10 on Friday afternoon.
I was the only OAC member there, though I did have a good chat with former member Sharon Smith, who was proudly wearing her B&W vest!! My friends from Nidd Valley adopted me too, so I wasn’t a total Billy no mates…
I’d been warned that it was a hilly course, and bearing in mind my hill aversion, I found it pretty tough, especially in the heat of the sun!! It’s a lovely route though around Studley Royal and surrounding area and a mix of road and trail. I’d like to be more descriptive about the scenery, hills etc but I just bloody well ran, wheezing my way round and was beyond happy to see the finish line!!
I finished in a pretty average 1:24:14
1st Male Andrew Grant 58:30 (Harrogate Harriers)
1st Female Jo Waites 1:10:25 (UA)


Sunday 14th May – Leeds Half Marathon

Report From Mr H Jeffrey…

I was psyched up to do a decent Leeds today although the fifteen minutes in the start pen and then a ten minute delay to the start absorbed most of the pre-race adrenaline. Not a bad thing I guess as it forced a steady start, it took me 30 seconds to get to the chip mat. After last week I was hopeful of between 1.30 and 1.32 with a reasonable result at no slower than 1.35 given Leeds is a tough course. I reached mile one in 7.30 and felt OK passed the 1.35 pacer at 2 miles and had got into a 7.20 pace which I was hopeful of maintaining to halfway and then the second half is easier in that there are no up-hills to do and it is flat for the last four miles along Kirkstall road back to the finish and no wind to speak of today. I could feel my calves from last week’s flat half so had to keep altering my stride pattern to accommodate. The 1.35 pacer overtook me at mile 7 and pulled away never to be seen again. I think it got quite hot as I was conscious of needing to get a drink and splash at every drinks station and took advantage of three hose pipes spraying along the route. By mile 9, I was really hanging on as it all felt very hard and the calves were complaining ‘vociferously’. A couple of times I thought I would have to walk! I was overhauled in the last half mile or so by a couple of guys I thought might be in my age group. Happily they weren’t and I came second (thankfully by a good three minutes ahead so not depressingly close) in 1.36.16 chip time in 476th, so not a disaster all things considered and 1.36.08 would have been 7.20’s average. The race was won by Mohamed Aburezeq of Altringham and District AC in 1.10.22. Martha Hanby was first Lady in 40th in a time of 1.21.50. Robin Outtersides was first home for Otley in 13th place in an excellent 1.16.59. Andy Webster came in 1239th  in1.47.53, Andrew Rayner in 2519th in 1.55.08. Apologies that is as far as my computer would go in the results (not sortable by club and only showing 10 at a time) so any other Otley AC finishers can notify separately. 9000 had entered I am guessing maybe 7,500 finishers. At least one poor lad collapsed into the barrier just at the turn with 100m left to do. It looked like heat exhaustion.

Pos. Bib No. Name Gender Cat. Club Gun Time Chip Time Gender Pos. Cat. Pos. Chip Pos.
13 4510 Robin Outtersides Male M35 Otley AC 01:17:04 01:16:59 13 3 14
476 4206 Howard Jeffrey Male M60 Otley AC 01:36:50 01:36:16 448 2 505
1239 4505 Andy Webster Male M45 Otley AC 01:48:33 01:47:53 1094 129 1577
2224 7855 Liz Yates Female F40 Otley AC 02:03:02 01:49:47 343 46 1834
2519 7009 Andrew Rayner Male M50 Otley AC 02:06:27 01:55:08 2093 158 2485

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Saturday 13th May – Park Runs

Woodhouse Moor parkrun
A total of 491 runners took part.
View full results for Woodhouse Moor parkrun event #508
Position Gender Pos parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Alex WALKER Unattached 00:16:31
4 4 Robin OUTTERSIDES Otley AC 00:17:17
25 1 Hayley SIMPSON East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC 00:19:56
55 51 James Rawstron Otley AC 00:21:47
150 119 John Davis Otley AC 00:24:35
Edinburgh parkrun
A total of 513 runners took part.
View full results for Edinburgh parkrun event #394
Position Gender Position  ? parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Iain MANSON Metro Aberdeen RRC 00:17:01
8 1 Lauren Ailish DICKSON Lasswade AC 00:17:57
28 26 Tom Paget Otley AC 00:19:21
Bradford parkrun
A total of 495 runners took part.
View full results for Bradford parkrun event #362
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Timmy GEDIN Arena 80 AC 00:16:50
17 1 Ruby FIRTH Bingley Harriers and AC 00:20:37
131 17 Ann YEADON Otley AC 00:26:29
Harrogate parkrun
A total of 445 runners took part.
View full results for Harrogate parkrun event #282
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Harry HOLMES Pudsey & Bramley AC 00:16:29
37 1 Sophie CHUMAS Unattached 00:21:12
280 53 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:28:37
281 228 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:28:37
Roundhay parkrun
A total of 334 runners took part.
View full results for Roundhay parkrun event #317
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 James YOUNG Meltham AC 00:18:13
9 1 Myra JONES Valley Striders AC 00:20:12
82 72 Chris TAYLOR Otley AC 00:24:45
Cross Flatts parkrun
A total of 187 runners took part.
View full results for Cross Flatts parkrun event #211
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Gregan CLARKSON Kingston upon Hull AC 00:16:43
21 1 Michelle WOODROW Baildon Runners 00:20:49
50 44 Jenson Brogden Otley AC 00:23:24
Fountains Abbey parkrun
A total of 334 runners took part.
View full results for Fountains Abbey parkrun event #164
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Ben RADBOURNE Unattached 00:17:25
36 1 Sarah HACKETT Unattached 00:21:11
42 41 Peter CROWDER Otley AC 00:21:44
112 24 Jackie Ackroyd Otley AC 00:25:50
113 89 Andrew ACKROYD Otley AC 00:25:51

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Thursday 11th May – Danefield Handicap

A superb turnout of 50 runners on a perfect evening for running and the bonus of no midges. It was also good to see several of the juniors running.  Tash Whittaker came home a clear winner a minute clear of Hannah Place.  Gary recorded the fastest time on the night, 16:47 also extending his lead at the top of the handicap table to 12 points ahead of President Billy.  See the full table here.

The next handicap is a ‘sealed’ one using the Knaresborough Harrogate League race on the 20th June.

As it is such a big race table see more details of…. Read the rest of this entry »