Sunday 25th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

Sunday 25th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

Report from Tom Lynch:

We managed to field 2 open teams for the Bradford Millennium Way Relay this year, a paired team relay around much of the countryside of the District of Bradford, taking in Bingley, Haworth Moors, Laycock, Silsden, Ilkley and back to Bingley. The legs vary between 8-11 miles following mostly fell and trail routes.

Perfectly coordinated Black & Whites and White & Blacks ready for the off

I started off on leg 1 running with Gary (team Black & Whites), with Tamara and Neil running for the second team (White & Blacks), at 8 am on a drizzle soaked morning from Bingley sports club, all slightly dazed at the time we had to get up, but thankful for Gary’s father-in-law for offering to collect us at the end of our leg, saving us an even earlier wake up!

Team 2 Leg 1 changeover

Tamara and Neil had done a proper recce for their leg, whereas I’d only managed to check out the 2nd half of our leg, thankfully we were battling with a few teams up to the halfway mark, so we had no major navigation mishaps, and we could crack on once we got to somewhere I recognised. We handed over to Steve Robinson and Stephen Boddy at Penistone country park at the end of our leg, and Tamara and Neil passed the baton to Sara Richard and Laura Hind. Running the remaining legs for the teams were: Leg 3 Tom Pomfrett/Shane Ewen & Hannah Lupton/Carmen Dojahn-Wood, Leg 4 Christian Hosker/Andy Webster & Caron Ralph/Jackie Ackroyd, Leg 5 Andrew Robertshaw/Tom Paget & Hugh Pearson/Sara Elliot.

There were no major mishaps on the day, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, I don’t think anyone even got lost, and we got both teams round well. We came close to a double calamity on Leg 5 with Hugh and Sara both taking falls. I think Sara was literally falling over herself to get back on the tarmac after Ilkley Moor!

Jackie and Caron finishing leg 4

55 teams completed the race and the winners of the open category on the day were Wharfedale Men’s team, coming in to the finish in a total time of 5:42:13. Otley Black & Whites came in 11th in a total time of 6:47:34, and Otley White & Blacks were 46th in 8:54:06. Full results can be found on the Saltaire Striders website, and a summary of our results for all legs is below.

There are plenty of pictures of the day on Yorkshire Runner Photos facebook group and the Woodentops got some good photos of the the Leg 1/2 changeover.









Otley’s Results:

Leg 1 Bingley to Oxenhope Leg 2 Oxenhope to Laycock
Pos Team Cat Runners Leg Time Pos Runners Leg Time Pos
1 Wharfedale Men Open Christian Holmes L 01:22:46 3 Sam Watson L 01:03:26 2
Marc Sennett T 01:22:46 3 Ali Burns T 02:26:12 1
Gain/Loss 00:02:57 L 00:01:28 G
11 Otley Black & Whites Open Gary Johnson L 01:26:58 8 Steve Robinson L 01:21:51 15
Tom Lynch T 01:26:58 8 Stephen Boddy T 02:48:49 12
Gain/Loss 00:08:06 G 00:04:33 L
46 Otley White & Blacks Open Neil Charlton L 01:49:42 34 Laura Hind L 01:50:42 48
Tamara Weatherhead T 01:49:42 34 Sara Richard T 03:40:24 43
Gain/Loss 00:14:53 G 00:09:25 L
      Leg 3 Laycock to Silsden Leg 4 Silsden to Ilkley
Pos Team Cat Runners Leg Time Pos Runners Leg Time Pos
1 Wharfedale Men Open Dave Kirkham L 00:53:54 1 Jonny Bradshaw L 01:05:02 1
Harry Muir T 03:20:06 1 Fred Muir T 04:25:08 1
00:01:27 G 00:01:45 G
11 Otley Black & Whites Open Shane Ewen L 01:06:29 14 Andy Webster L 01:27:30 29
Tom Pomfrett T 03:55:18 12 Christian Hosker T 05:22:48 13
00:00:34 L 00:07:58 L
46 Otley White & Blacks Open Carmen Dojahn-Wood L 01:49:54 54 Caron Ralph L 01:43:09 45
Hannah Lupton T 05:30:18 48 Jackie Ackroyd T 07:13:27 46
00:23:31 L 00:01:05 G
Leg 5 Ilkley to Bingley
Pos Team Cat Runners Leg Time Pos
1 Wharfedale Men Open Rob Furness L 01:17:05 4
Dave Haygarth T 05:42:13 1
00:01:44 L
11 Otley Black & Whites Open Tom Paget L 01:24:46 13
Andrew Robertshaw T 06:47:34 11
00:04:59 G
46 Otley White & Blacks Open Hugh Pearson L 01:40:39 35
Sara Elliott T 08:54:06 46
00:16:58 G

A few more pics:

Team 1 Leg 1 changeover
Team 1 Leg 3/4 changeover
Sara and Hugh coming off Ilkley Moor

5 thoughts on “Sunday 25th June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

  1. Well done everyone! Great to see not one but two teams out on one of these relays. Especially well done to Tom L for doing the organising, I hope you all had a pint or two afterwards.

  2. It was an enjoyable day out, had a good leg with Steve and the debrief at HQ was very informative. Cheers Tom.

  3. Really enjoyed my run in the country, I’m definitely in for next year. I think we are all keen to do some more relays as we enjoyed the team spirit (and celebrations afterwards).

  4. Fantastic running by the Otley Black & White team in a solid 6.47 a great result with the 11th place , and Shane E. and Tom P. had a super ran losing only 34 seconds . It is good to see Tamara W. and Neil C. back racing at a strong level with the White & Black team finishing 49th in 8.54 a good result indeed . Well done to all .

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