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Sunday 18th June – Windy Gyle Fell Race

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

This is a proper traditional fell race, no pre-entry, turn up at a field in the middle of nowhere, entry out of the back of a car, checkpoint marshals but no other route markers.  A fantastic horseshoe route on the Cheviot Hills, based around the source of the river Coquet, taking in the summit of Windy Gyle which is one of the final summits heading north on the Pennine Way and giving panoramic fantastic views on the day.  ( I did have thoughts of Sarah F’s climbing up to this near the end of ‘The Spine’ as I ran off the summit).

Thanks to the hospitality of Colin Best’s holiday let near Bamburgh, Colin, myself and Richard Hamer drove to the very remote start in the Coquet valley for this 8+ miles & 1800ft of ascent on a warm, (24 degrees), morning.   I found it hard going towards the end but was reasonably happy with an 11th place finish in 1:10:31.  Colin had the best run of the day finishing 2nd in his category in 1:31:43.  Richard also found it hard work but battled on to finish 75th in 2:04:27.

The best part of the day was the post race cool down in the river… John Butters NFR won in 1:04:25, Emma Holt, Morpeth was first lady in 16th. 1:13:16.  Full results on the NFR website.


Penistone 10k (Multi terrain) 25/06/17

Report from Mark Hall

A trip over to south Yorkshire. I won this event back in 2003 ( Has it really been so long ago!) this is the first time I have returned and although the last half of the event has changed the first 5k is still a constant climb with some very steep sections. After 5 and a half Kms there is a steep descent on to the trans Penine trail (off road) which is 3 kms of flat trail before the final 400 metres of incline. I was 1st vet overall. The 10k incorporated the South Yorks 10k championship as a result attracted a good local field. If any OAC runners fancy a trip over the ‘border’ this is a well organised. reasonably priced event but don’t expect a PB!

Winner: D Hinchcliffe, Penistone FR. 34.31
Mark Hall. 4th. 37.07. 1st vet

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Saturday 17th June – Park Runs

Bradford parkrun
A total of 412 runners took part.
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club   ↓ Run Time ↓
1 1 Will KERR Saltaire Striders 00:17:13
17 1 Sophie MARTIN Wharfedale Harriers 00:20:16
111 16 Ann YEADON Otley AC 00:26:02
158 32 Gemma Harrington Otley AC 00:27:46
Harrogate parkrun
A total of 420 runners took part.
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club   ↓ Run Time ↓
1 1 Unknown ATHLETE Unattached 00:16:58
49 1 Sharon Elizabeth HARDCASTLE Unattached 00:21:14
85 3 Elizabeth YATES Otley AC 00:22:39
Roundhay parkrun
A total of 420 runners took part.
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club   ↓ Run Time ↓
1 1 Angus MILNE Hyde Park Harriers 00:17:59
15 1 Susan LEWIS Roundhay Runners 00:20:20
165 131 Philip Robinson Otley AC 00:26:38
305 113 Rebecca KEINHORST Otley AC 00:31:32
361 149 Victoria TAYLOR Otley AC 00:35:02
362 213 Chris TAYLOR Otley AC 00:35:04
Skipton parkrun
A total of 182 runners took part.
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club   ↓ Run Time ↓
1 1 Tom BARRETT Keighley & Craven AC 00:17:39
2 1 Alice JONES Wharfedale Harriers 00:19:34
108 71 Rob Fearnley Otley AC 00:29:25
Fountains Abbey parkrun
A total of 365 runners took part.
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club   ↓ Run Time ↓
1 1 Reece DALTON Ripon Runners 00:18:04
18 18 Peter CROWDER Otley AC 00:19:47
20 1 Jennie GUARD Leeds City AC 00:19:52
Wetherby parkrun
A total of 96 runners took part.
Position ↓ Gender Position ↓ parkrunner ↓ Club   ↓ Run Time ↓
1 1 Guy CLOSE Knaresborough Striders 00:18:34
27 1 Amanda SPENCER Valley Striders AC 00:23:18
48 7 Ursula McGouran Otley AC 00:26:38

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Friday 16th June – Barrowford 5K

Report from Mark Hall

A flat 5k around a cycle circuit (5 laps). I managed to win this event in 17.05, disappointing as my target was sub 17 mins.

1st male – Mark Hall, no further results found yet.

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Wednesday 14th June – Sicklinghall Harrogate League

Otley results from the 3rd Harrogate League race, anyone fancy sending a race & buffet report?

Pos. Name Club Category Cat. Pos. Gun Time
1 Andrew Grant Harrogate H. MV45 1/46 22:58
22 Sharon Barlow Harrogate H. FV35 1/24 26:27
14 Gary Johnson Otley AC MSEN 9/75 26:07
19 Robin Outtersides Otley AC MSEN 13/75 26:23
20 Liam Dunne Otley AC MV40 4/35 26:25
34 Tom Lynch Otley AC MSEN 22/75 27:32
37 Graham Lake Otley AC MV40 8/35 27:37
73 Tom Paget Otley AC MSEN 37/75 29:05
101 Steve Robinson Otley AC MV40 20/35 30:13
114 John Armitstead Otley AC MV55 7/30 30:45
118 Colin Dennison Otley AC MSEN 47/75 30:55
120 Stephen Boddy Otley AC MSEN 48/75 30:57
131 Michael Hastings Otley AC MSEN 50/75 31:29
136 Tony Walker Otley AC MV55 9/30 31:31
145 Paul Clifford Otley AC MV50 15/42 32:04
182 Sara Elliott Otley AC FV45 3/29 33:14
185 John Dade Otley AC MV50 21/42 33:25
190 Liz Yates Otley AC FV40 5/30 33:34
195 Andy Webster Otley AC MV45 32/46 33:53
199 Matt Podd Otley AC MV60 6/13 34:05
201 Nicola Lee Otley AC FV35 8/24 34:07
212 Ian Broadbent Otley AC MV45 34/46 34:29
229 Michael Pickard Otley AC MV50 25/42 35:06
238 Gilly Wight Otley AC FSEN 13/27 35:26
243 Caron Ralph Otley AC FV45 8/29 35:41
253 Chris Brunold Otley AC FV50 10/32 36:11
259 Colin Best Otley AC MV60 8/13 36:31
274 Ursula McGouran Otley AC FV55 6/27 37:12
280 Andrew Rayner Otley AC MV50 33/42 37:25
287 Ericks Zvaigzne Otley AC MV60 11/13 37:39
289 Gill Park Otley AC FSEN 16/27 37:42
297 Ann Yeadon Otley AC FV45 13/29 38:03
304 John Davis Otley AC MV50 36/42 38:12
305 Philip Robinson Otley AC MV70 1/4 38:13
306 Charlotte Boardman Otley AC FSEN 18/27 38:13
309 Laura Hind Otley AC FV35 14/24 38:19
325 Jackie Ackroyd Otley AC FV60 2/8 38:52
338 Joanna Hobson Otley AC FV55 12/27 39:33
342 Carol Armitstead Otley AC FV55 14/27 39:48
385 Hannah Lupton Otley AC FV40 24/30 42:13
390 Tom Hannah Otley AC MV65 9/10 42:44
391 Rob Fearnley Otley AC MSEN 72/75 42:58
397 Hannah Birch Otley AC FV35 21/24 43:21
408 Rebecca Keinhorst Otley AC FSEN 24/27 44:25
424 Natasha Whitaker Otley AC FV40 28/30 46:15
445 Antonio Cardinale Otley AC MV65 10/10 52:05

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Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th June – ITU Aquathlon/Standard Triathlon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

Last year I made the podium with a bronze medal in my age group at the English aquathlon championships (750m swim 5K run)and this year felt in about the same shape. Aquathlon is where good swimmers (maybe not so good runners) take on the good runners (maybe not such good swimmers). I looked at the competition and decided that the chance for Gold was on this year as the strongest swimmer in the age group was actually Scottish so if I could run down the others who were also stronger swimmers but weaker runners, top spot was possible. The water was fine and I swam a second faster than last year so have at least maintained form. Had it not been for one person I overtook as we approached the exit I would actually have been last out of the water! (Have looked into some swim coaching). It is a long drag to transition in the wetsuit and but I felt OK and got into my running shoes in good order. For those who know the Roundhay park run it is hilly and tough and the route for the aquathlon although not identical, is similar but two laps in reverse. Out of transition straight up a hill and then level round the top lake and a great downhill stretch back to start the second lap. I had spotted the likely rivals on the second uphill drag but I was feeling strong and up on my toes and had the fastest age group run and overtook the rivals before I hit the descent where I was able to put some distance between. Gold it was, job done.
During the aquathlon swim I doubted the wisdom of doing the British standard triathlon championships the following day: Nah, that was already yesterday and I lined up with 25 other starters in the age group (not sure how many turned up or actually finished but found 18 names whilst watching the elites on the telly in the afternoon). Bumped into Andy Webster in the transition prior to the start and I saw him again at the finish we agreed it was a tough course and it was windy to boot. For the swim start I let the pack surge away to get quiet water and was able to get into a nice rhythm although the water was choppy in parts. Well in front of the back markers too as triathlon has more weaker swimmers. Another long haul in the wetsuit up to transition and on to the bike. A long jog with the bike to a merciless uphill standing bike start. Felt quite solid and was pacing this race to enjoy the hometown race (the Brownlees are not the only ones from Leeds!) Got up the hill comfortably and completed two hilly windy laps in solid form. I was actually 5th fastest on the bike today which was a real pleasant surprise, so have recovered well from the previous weeks hard races. The run legs were almost there again today and was also 5th fastest for the run. Eventually finished in 7th position which was quite satisfactory after yesterday’s exertions. I rest my case.


Saturday 10th June – Parkruns

Banstead Woods parkrun
A total of 190 runners took part.
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Tony TUOHY Dulwich Runners AC 00:18:15
2 2 Thomas MIDGLEY Otley AC 00:18:22
38 1 Shelley CLEGHORN Unattached 00:22:26
Bradford parkrun
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Martin FILLINGHAM Saltaire Striders 00:18:29
27 1 Phoebe FRANCIS Bingley Harriers and AC 00:22:10
74 68 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:25:02
267 93 Rebecca DODSWORTH Otley AC 00:36:10
Harrogate parkrun
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Andrew DOBBY Harrogate Harriers & AC 00:17:37
43 43 Jenson Brogden Otley AC 00:22:13
49 49 Matt Podd Otley AC 00:22:29
50 1 Sara ELLIOTT Otley AC 00:22:32
73 4 Elizabeth YATES Otley AC 00:23:18
104 95 Andrew Rayner Otley AC 00:24:40
112 14 Ann YEADON Otley AC 00:24:57
169 141 Rob Fearnley Otley AC 00:27:13
192 39 Gemma Harrington Otley AC 00:27:50
Sewerby parkrun
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Joshua TAYLOR Bridlington Road Runners 00:18:32
13 1 Emma SIMMONS Pocklington Runners 00:21:21
55 47 Stephen SMALL Otley AC 00:25:49
Fountains Abbey parkrun
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Douglas Andrew SCOTT Ripon Runners 00:18:15
17 1 Emma SORBY Ripon Runners 00:20:44
68 53 Andrew ACKROYD Otley AC 00:24:31
83 20 Jackie Ackroyd Otley AC 00:25:29
Keswick parkrun
Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Jonathan PIM Wimbledon Windmilers 00:18:38
3 3 Graham Lake Otley AC 00:19:02
12 1 Holly HARPER Keswick AC 00:20:46


Thursday 8th June – Bronte 5 Mile (incorporating Yorks. Vets Championships)

Report from Mark Hall:

Winner: Chris Williams, Queensbury RC 29.26
Mark Hall, 3rd, 29.58, 1st V55

Hilly and windy. No other OAC runners


Runner of the Month

Runners of the Month for May are Robin Outtersides for his performances at John Carr and the Leeds Half (PB) and Gilly Wight for a sub 4hr and Pb at Windermere Marathon. Well done and thoroughly deserved.

GillyWightRobin Outersides


Wednesday 7th June – Otley 10

JackWood2017Otley10  ScottHarrington2017Otley10 RobinOuttersides2017Otley10

A big thanks to race organiser Colin Best and all the marshals and other helpers making for another successful race.  It was an evening for the locals with four of the first 5 living in the LS21 postcode area that defines local for the Otley 10 and another local Carol Morgan taking the first ladies prize.

Scott and Jack Wood battled it out at the front of the race, Jack winning by 16 seconds.  Robin had a fine race nipping under the hour by 6 seconds in 5th.   Matt  and Madeleine both had excellent races finishing 5th and 2nd respectively in their age groups.

Pos Gender Pos Cat. Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 1 1 Jack Wood Ilkley H M17 0:56:34
49 1 1 Carol Morgan Nidd Valley RR F40 1:08:46
2 2 1 Scott Harrington Otley AC M35 0:56:50
5 5 2 Robin Outtersides Otley AC M35 0:59:54
177 146 5 Matt Podd Otley AC M60 1:21:35
329 102 2 Madeleine Delucchi Otley AC F60 1:41:45