Tuesday 4th July: Danefield relay

Tuesday 4th July: Danefield relay

Report from Graham Lake:

A record 123 teams entered the Danefield this year making the start quite a stampede!
Otley entered 6 teams with the young-guns (ahem) of Fell Captain, Gary Johnson and new member Andy Wright coming out on top in a creditable 8th place. Liam running the fastest OAC leg of the night had closed the gap for the Codgers but was pipped on the steep climb to the finish, but still finished 2nd Vets team. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and the post-race refreshment in the Old Cock certainly went down well.
The winning team were Ripon Mafia in 57.03
Fastest leg of the night was Jack Wood in 17.56.
Full results here http://www.fellandale.com/danefieldrelay/


Team position Team number Team Name Team category Leg 1 Runner Time taken Leg 2 Runner Time taken Leg 3 Runner Time taken Team total time
1 9 Ripon Mafia O Spike Ambery-Smith 00:19:45 Reece Dalton 00:18:34 Ben Pease 00:18:44 00:57:03
8 101 Otley Youth O Tom Lynch 00:20:34 Gary Johnson 00:20:09 Andy Wright 00:21:01 01:01:44
9 91 Otley Athletic Codgers MV40 Graham Lake 00:20:44 Andrew Robertshaw 00:21:06 Liam Dunn 00:20:02 01:01:52
30 122 Pisgah Pirates O Stephen Boddy 00:22:49 Shane Ewen 00:22:05 Damian Hosker 00:24:57 01:09:51
73 58 Otley AC Pool Exiles MV40 Chris Hosker 00:27:05 Neil Reed 00:27:08 Andy Webster 00:26:21 01:20:34
92 109 Otley Kittens F Carol Ralph 00:28:08 Liz Fawcett 00:28:43 Rachel Brooke 00:27:08 01:23:59
94 66 Otley Dream Team MV40 Richard Hamer 00:30:26 Colin Best 00:28:28 John Dade 00:25:41 01:24:35


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 4th July: Danefield relay

  1. I am pleased that we have entered 6 teams this year , I used to like to do this relay that Julian M. used to organize , then for some reason around 10 years ago our members lost interest in it , I was the only one present at Danefield and on my way home I saw Andrew R. going to the relay to watch . Great run by Liam D. with a super 20.02 , and Caron R. as well ran strongly in 28.08 , and Shane E. is in good shape running fast in 22.05. Well done to everyone .

  2. Too much food eaten too late = stomach ache all the way round! Still a great evening though, especially the post-race orange juice.

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