Saturday 8th July: Canal Canter

Saturday 8th July: Canal Canter

Report from Ian B

I did the canal canter 10k from Kirkstall along the canal in to leeds city centre and back again on Saturday 8 July. I finished 6th in 46:34 and first V45 but then again there were only 29 runners! Runner numbers are limited due to the nature of the towpath, its obviously a pretty flat run the only negative being the amount of people to dodge and the narrow/low bridges to pass under that slowed you down. The race was won by Peter Hopson from Saltaire in 34:52.

Very friendly event with a bottle of beer and bar of chocolate at the end and a barbecue, the big plus being a 9:30am Saturday start meaning you still have the rest of the day/weekend. There is also a 5k/half marathon/full marathon and ultra marathon run at the same time with various loops run between Saltaire – leeds.

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  1. I agree with you as well starting races early in the morning like 9.30am then still have the rest of the day for yourself and your 46.34 is a good time especially if you consider the people blocking your way that slow you down and they can be very distracting for keeping the focus for a good stride . Well done to Ian B.

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