Washburn Valley Juniors Races – Friday 14th July

Washburn Valley Juniors Races – Friday 14th July

This is on the junior page – see the tab at the top – and well worth a general post for some fantastic junior performances.

Quote from Hugh…’Some fantastic times and improvements since last year’

Here here

Junior Results

One thought on “Washburn Valley Juniors Races – Friday 14th July

  1. I agree with Hugh on the positive comments of the junior performances at Washburn races that I used to do every year and believe or not ..I did it in 2004 with me crossing the finishing line in first place when it used to be 5 legs and I had Ian F. doing the first leg , but no more because nowadays I am too slow , no more relays . Holly D. is in top form and she is a strong competitor , also Jenson B. is flying at the moment and as well his little brother is racing well . Well done to all the junior teams who ran the Washburn.

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