Sunday 16th July – Cracoe BOFRA (Champs) Fell Race

Sunday 16th July – Cracoe BOFRA (Champs) Fell Race

Report from Tom Lynch:

Having decided against the big drive, and more importantly big effort of Snowdon on Saturday I decided to take on this much tougher local BOFRA race, which was also a counter in the BOFRA championship. A whole 4 km, but don’t let that deceive you, as ever with a BOFRA race it included a steep climb, with only a small bit of gentle introduction, with 310 m of climbing (2.5 miles/1020 feet) packed into the distance. The route started just above Cracoe and headed up over a wall via a farm trailer to the war memorial on the ridge above Cracoe, and then straight back down. The second half of the climb is boggy and rough, and the last sprint in required a gate climb to get back over the wall. It was perfect weather and  I was joined by Graham Lake, Don Buffham and Antonio Cardinale. There are some entertaining pictures out there of the race on the BOFRA facebook page and the Woodentops 1 and 2.

The winner of the race was Ted Mason (Wharfedale Harriers) 21:46, first woman was Kirsty Hall (also of Wharfedale) in 27:04. I came in 13th (9th champs counter) in 25:04, Graham Lake came in 23rd in 27:46, Don Buffham was 79th in 41:42 and Antonio Cardinale was 86th in 58:21. Full results are here.


Cracoe 2017 Race Start
The ever present Don Buffham neatly leaping the bog – although he seems to think he’s in Skegness.




4 thoughts on “Sunday 16th July – Cracoe BOFRA (Champs) Fell Race

  1. Yes Andrew , a new award for the greatest leap , I did not know at all that Donald was capable of such a jump especially now that he has reached a certain age . Tom L . had a powerful run and his time 25.04 is really good , also Graham L. ran strongly in 27.46 and our Donald is in top shape like the pic show clearly , his time 41.42 is awesome .

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