Wednesday 26th July 2017 – EvenSplits 5K

Wednesday 26th July 2017 – EvenSplits 5K

Report from Tony Walker

More Sobriety Ramblings…

So the no beer saga carries on in my quest to recapture former glories. This time the excellent 5k at the newly created brownlee centre at the far end of Adel. As a side track, pints/wine and running have always been part of the same routine so it seems almost unfair on my fellow competitors not to drink! I was musing the other day about drug testing at local races…’sorry mr walker you are banned due to no alcohol in your system’

For those that did not see the news. British Cycling and Leeds University invested £5 million into providing meeting facilities and a 1 mile cycling track and it opened earlier this year. As an aside I did think Sport Chevin could have revolutionised sport in Otley with 5 million and done a lot more than build a cycling track but I digress.

Nevertheless its a great facility with a one mile fully enclosed loop with no dramatic turns to slow you down although I did detect a slight rise at one end of the loop!

So to the race organised by the RaceBest team (who did the Harrogate League). Simply 3 laps of the circuit with a little bit extra at the beginning to make it 5k. 2 races either over or under 22.30.

Warming up I saw Mark Hall and reflected that even with a super run I would still be 2nd v55…for Otley ac!! I know how Jonathan must feel sometimes!

The start was more even than my previous ‘mad’ fast 5k but the pace seemed even more manic and furious than ever.

I was taken off my feet a little bit early on despite staying towards the back. After 1k I settled down a little and slowly picked a few off. Sadly Mark pulled out early on. I spoke to him briefly afterwards and it seemed it was more general fatigue – he has been racing regularly and winning loads recently – rather than injury so I hope all is ok in the next few days Mark.

I continued to pull a few places back but it was hard. there was a clock at the finish and as I entered the final mile lap it showed 13min 33secs. So less than 6 1/2 mins to get under 20mins!! How exciting…! Somehow I managed to maintain the pace and as we swung into the last 200m straight I could see the clock still showing 19min…something. Head down 50m to go 19.45 on the clock. Final sprint. Yes under 20mins again. this time 19.56 but boy was it hard.

Great fun though and recommended for all abilities. They plan to have 1 a month but are strictly limited on numbers so you need to pre-enter early.

Go get some short distance pain!

Results here


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 26th July 2017 – EvenSplits 5K

  1. Tony, to match your Sunderland time on this circuit, which I don’t think is super fast was a good result. Yes you did detect an incline and there was a lot of wind blowing! so think sub 20 is a good time. On a better night you can go a lot quicker. You are getting race fever!

  2. More then 10 years ago we used to do the West Yorkshire cross country races in the same fields of Leeds University and I am looking forward to see the new 1 mile cycling track to have a go at it . It is a shame that Mark H.* pulled out from this 5k because he was in top form , although he has been racing loads with spectacular performances . 19.56 done in this new track is a very good result , well done to Tony W.

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