Saturday 19th August – Burnsall Feast, 10 mile and Classic Fell

Saturday 19th August – Burnsall Feast, 10 mile and Classic Fell

Report from Matt Podd

Not the best weather – cold and showery with a stiff breeze, but not deterred 5 Otley AC Heroes toed the line for the 10 mile road race. Off we set with the first two miles uphill to Hebden into a biting shower. Helped that I felt I was going to die, but things level out on the way to Grassington and after that it’s undulations and hills to the downhill run in to the finish. Lovely support from the Saturday group who kept popping up along the course to cheer us on. Always a joy to be passed by Sara – this time at about 1/2 way round.
People who have never done it were keen for us to do the double and compete in the Fell race. The Burnsall Classic, 1.75 miles of hell. During the 10 I had decided that if Sara passed me I would punish myself by going for it. So after a change of shoes and a nice cup of tea there I was toeing the line again, but in the opposite direction facing a bloody great muddy hill. Not my fastest ascent, but the descent is a blast and I managed to overtake a few people and saved coming in nearer the back. Shane did better, but came to the race fresh. Nice to see him also having a post race curry at Red Pepper.

10 Mile Road: John Armitstead, 46 in 74.10; Sara Elliott, 64 in 79.09; Matt Podd, 71 in 81.18; Billy Andrew Rayner, 99 in 90.25 and the legend that is Antonio Cardinale brought up the rear, 120 in 115.34.

Classic Fell Race: Shane Braveheart, 53 in 21.45 and Matt P, 115 in 29.53. 129 ran.

Full results to follow.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 19th August – Burnsall Feast, 10 mile and Classic Fell

  1. Well down to everyone; especially Matt for the double – it’s Sara’s turn next year. You’re not a runner until you’ve done either the 10 or the fell!

    The big news from the day though was Antonio getting his legs out!

  2. I really liked the report from Burnsall Matt , it is good indeed , and to be honest , you are the legend for doing the double , the 10 miles road race and soon afterward the fell race , I wish ! Sara E. had an excellent road race finishing in 79.09 , and Shane E. had a strong climbing and a good descent going through the line in 21.45. It was a good boost and really appreciated that the Saturday group was on the course encouraging all the Otley AC members . The legs on the pic are not mine ,( I think are of Richards ) and I wore the short this time to see if it could make any difference about my slow speed did not . Well done to everyone .

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