Sunday 3rd September – Wetherby 10k

Sunday 3rd September – Wetherby 10k

The 12th edition of the Wetherby 10k saw a good turnout from OAC (partly in celebration of Tom Hannah’s XX birthday).

Just over 900 runners started with Tony Walker the first home for Otley in 41:43 (41:47 gun), which saw him claim the M55 prize.

Sara Elliott was next, bouncing over the finish line in 45:40 (45:58) which saw her third F45 – not sure if there’s a prize for that.

Matt Podd finished in 47:03 (47:12), Philip Robinson 50:51 (51:03) – which saw him third M70; the winner of this, Mark McNally, completed the course in 42:43 (43:09)! Yes, you did read that correctly.

Colin Best finished in 51:16 (51:28), Ursula McGouran 51:22 (51:33) and second F55, Richard Hamer 52:24 (52:50), Joanna Hobson got a PB with her 53:25 (54:02), Rob Fearnley took his mind off Wayne Rooney’s latest misdemeanour to complete in 55:53 (56:31).

Birthday boy Tom Hannah finished in 56:13 (56:51), Charlotte Tomlinson 56:08 (57:010, Gemma Harrington 56:24 (57:17), Hannah Lupton 1:00:42 (1:01:19), Natasha Whitaker 1:04:36 (1:05:07), Laurel Frear 1:05:57 (1:06:29), Paul Dodsworth 1:09:07 (1:10:27), Rebecca Dodsworth 1:11:19 (1:12:39).

Former Beginner and soon to be member Gavin Burton finished in 51:10 (51:50).

The front of the field looked like quite a battle with Rob Scott (Richmond & Zetland) first in 32:39 (32:39), Mike Burrett (Leeds City) only three seconds behind in 32:42 (32:42). Third place went to Scott Hinchcliffe (Penistone Footpath Runners) in 32:44 (32:44) and Callum Elson (Roundhay Runners) was fourth in 32:53 (32:53).

The first lady was Lucy Crookes (Leeds City) in 35:06 (35:07). Full results.

More words from Tony Walker…

As Mark Hall was not running I felt I had to fly the OAC v55 flag. Actually that was not the reason for running the Wetherby 10k but more of that shortly.

So having got a bit fitter and the ropey knee holding up (I have told you I had a knee op…yawn…i know!) I decided to venture further than 5k and see what happens. With Wetherby being flat I thought that would be ok. Having done a few 20mins 5ks I thought 42mins would be a realistic target.

So to the event. it’s ages since I’ve done a ‘big’ race but all went smoothly including the start. The course was pretty flat but did have a few twists and turns and included a bit of trail running which I didn’t expect. So overall a quickish route but maybe not super fast.

Anyway the start was sensible and I got into a steady rhythm thinking maybe 20.30/45 5k pace would be ok and then maybe 21/21.15 2nd 5k. Around 4k there was a slight incline and it seemed hard! Then just before the 5k there was a drink station and although not a warm day I took 2 drinks. Not a good sign. Around the corner was the 5k clock. 20.06. O dear. Too fast. This next 5k is going to be painful!! Despite now counting 40+ years of running I still get excited and go off too fast. Anyway I tried to keep a rhythm going and to be fair did ok. Until the 8k mark. There was a sharp turn and then a short incline and that did me! I kept going of course but it was hard work. Amazingly I did pass 1 person. There’s always someone suffering more. As an race aside and when driving back from the race there was a guy clearly hobbling and trying to get back so I stopped and took him back poor fellow.

Back to the race I did get caught by another 20 runners in the last 2k!! My splits were 20.06/21.42. For any aspiring kids out there this is NOT the way to pace a 10k.

However there were 2 unexpected bits of glory at the end.

  1. My chip time was 41.43. Under the target and a 5 year (maybe more) pb.
  2. Then analysing the results when I got home discovered I was 1st over 55. Whey hey and keeping the prize in Otley while Mark was away!!

Saw Sara after and she thought she might have a pb. Also a mass of other Otley folk including the brill Hannah Lupton.

Think I might retire now…never!

2 thoughts on “Sunday 3rd September – Wetherby 10k

  1. Well done Mr Walker, I admire your tactics – my method is far less scientific; run like hell for as long as possible and then curse and suffer.
    If you need more silverware for the TW trophy cabinet, I’m sure there’s a knobbly knee contest waiting for you in Blackpool.

  2. Happy birthday to the former President and senior member of the Otley AC. Tom H. who is still running strongly . Congratulations to Joanna H. for her PB. achieved in a super 53.25 , also Hannah L. ran well in 1.00.42 not bad at all , and Gemma H. was flying in the 10k , her 56.24 is good indeed , and Phil R. had a fantastic run , his time 50.51 is awesome . Tony’s report from the Wetherby 10k is good indeed and Congratulations to Tony W. for winning 1st place in the vet 55. Well done to all .

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