Wednesday 6th September – Ilkley Incline

Wednesday 6th September – Ilkley Incline

Report from Matt Podd:

Mr Cardinale and myself represented the club in this race – probably the last evening race of the year.

James Hall and Jemima Elgood won in 7.12 & 9.27. I was 54th in 13.05 and Antonio (no shorts today) was 62nd in 17.45. Smaller than usual field of 63.

The Juniors had 3 teams in the relay which preceded the hill. Not sure of the results.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 6th September – Ilkley Incline

  1. Former boss Matt P. had a super climb on the Ilkley Incline , it is only a mile long , but it is really steep right from the start , his time of 13.05 is really good , about myself , for once I am not the last one .

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