Saturday 23rd September – Trailffest

Saturday 23rd September – Trailffest

Report from Ian Broadbent:

On Saturday I did Trailffest 2017 for the second time travelling to and staying in Porthmadog for the weekend. This is definitely an experience as much as a race with the day starting with a journey on the Ffestiniog railway up to the start line for friends, family and runners.

The train arrived at Tanygrisiau where runners disembark and there’s about a 45 minute wait whilst the train goes up to blaunea and turns round. On return the race starts on a whilstle from the steam train, the train then follows the race so friends and family can spectate.

The course is 13.5 miles of mainly trail, hilly and this year extremely wet and boggy. However conditions on the day were warm and dry. The course heads to porthmadog following the railway eventually arriving on to the Cob for the last mile finishing on porthmadog station.

It really is a great race with a fantastic atmosphere, well marshalled and signed and a big fundraiser for the local mountain rescue.

I had a good run given the conditions finishing in 77/155 in 2:28 so a couple of minutes quicker than last year. There were also 45 dnf’s.

The race commentator always gives Otley a good shout out, however I’m told I looked absolutely crap at the end! The race is sponsored by the local brewery who provide a bottle of ale, bottle opener, technical shirt and mug. But the big bonus is a Camra recommend real ale pub just 10 yards from the finish, and yes I did!!

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  1. Wet and boggy and on the day it was dry and warm, just like last Saturday on the Great Whernside , where I fell in a bog that was so deep I just could not get out of it and the mud was like quick sand trapping my legs . 2.28 for such a challenging course of 13.5 miles and leaving as well 78 runners at your back it is a good result and I liked as well your report from the Trailffest . Well done to Ian Broadbent .

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