Saturday 7th October – The Colin Best Calverley Handicap

Saturday 7th October – The Colin Best Calverley Handicap

A handicap veteran of more than 200 races, Tom easily won his 11th, finishing a couple of minutes clear of Ian.  Inevitably Ian recorded the fastest time of the day, just a little slower than his course record.

With just two races to go, Weeton in November and the December’s Ken Dixon the race for this year’s title looks like a battle between Rob Fearnley, Laura Hind and Antonio on 156, 142 and 138 points respectively.  See the full table here.  ps If you want to here another Monty tale ask Colin 🙂

Pos Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Tom Hannah 53:29 10:00 43:29 15
2 Ian Fisher 55:31 28:00 27:31 14
3 Colin Best 55:58 14:00 41:58 13
4 Phil Robinson 56:07 14:00 42:07 12
5 Richard Hamer 56:39 14:00 42:39 11
6 Rogan Ashton 56:42 24:30 32:12 10
7 Antonio Cardinale 58:59 00:00 58:59 9
8 Laura Hind 59:36 13:30 46:06 8
9 Rob Fearnley 1:01:10 15:00 46:10 7

4 thoughts on “Saturday 7th October – The Colin Best Calverley Handicap

  1. Sorry could not run today, as marathon tomorrow as love running around Calverley.
    Good performances, looks like an exciting finish.

  2. Congratulations to Tom H. for the splendid victory , Tom is coming back in good shape , when he passed me I noticed he had a good stride and his time 43.29 is fast . It is nice to have Ian Fisher running back with us again , and it is a pleasure to see him running with style , what a runner , his time of 27.31 is fantastic . Well done to all.

  3. Thanks Antonio, for your continued kind encouragement. I do appreciate it. Otley AC made me the runner that I became.

  4. Ian Fisher together with the late International runner Eric Smith belongs to the history of Otley AC. and our club have already missed indeed your quality running in this last few years and it would be a step forward for our club to have you back , especially for the top runners , for your huge experience on how to win races and the right training on a Tuesday night and also inspirational for the steady members to improve and even for the very slow ones like me.

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