Sunday 8th Oct – Yorkshire Marathon & 10 Mile

Sunday 8th Oct – Yorkshire Marathon & 10 Mile

Marathon Report from Andy Webster

My target at the start was to beat 4 hours which I did finishing in 3:57:31.

A little disappointed as hit the wall around mile 22 and could not find anyway to boost my speed up. However another marathon completed and had 4 weeks disrupted training with cricket, holidays, and injury.

At the moment planning on a marathon free year in 2018. But will probably do another one in the future, injury and illness permitting.

PS – Great run by Scott Harrington 3rd 2.30.55

Full OAC results (chip times and positions):

Scott Harrington 3rd in 2.30.55,  Stephen Boddy 701st in 3.39.17  (PB),  Robin Outtersides 769th in 3.41.46,  Nicola Lee 1117th in 3.52.08,  Andy Webster 1375th in 3.57.31,  Billy Rayner 2574th in 4.36.51,  Results

10 Mile Report from Tash Whitaker:

It’s a mostly flat scenic course with a little hill climb at the finish taking in York centre and surrounding countryside and villages.

When I was at 9 miles, I was told by a Marshall that saw my Otley AC top that Scott was coming past in 3rd place for the Marathon so it was good to be able to cheer him on and be joined by other 10 milers shouting “Come on Scott”.

For me it’s the second time I’ve done the race and was pleased to finish over 3 and a half minutes faster than last year.  Well done to all the other Otley runners for achieving some fantastic times!

OAC results (chip times and positions)

Mo Abubakr 151st in 1:10:07,  Sara Elliott 364th in 1:16:41,  Gilly Wight 527th in 1:19:37,  Tony Pfeiffer 541st in 1:19:56

Gavin Burton 871st in 1:25:28,  Natasha Whitaker 2526th in 1:48:08.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 8th Oct – Yorkshire Marathon & 10 Mile

  1. Congratulations to Scott H. for the 3rd place at the Yorkshire Marathon with the fabulous time of 2.30 just an awesome time to do , and compliments to Stephen B. for his PB. achieved with a solid performance with the time of 3.39 , also a super time for Nicola L. going through the finish line with a lovely 3.52 . Well done all.

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