Sunday 15th Oct – Palma Marathon Mallorca

Sunday 15th Oct – Palma Marathon Mallorca

Report from Richard Hamer:

Another year and another trip to Mallorca with six other OACers plus 10 from Wetherby Runners for the Palma 10 (and half-marathon for John Armitstead and the Wetherby group).

The 10 starts at 9:40am next to the cathedral and is an out and back along the bay with a slight climb at the turn point. It’s not the fastest course because there’s about 2,500 others taking part so it’s a bit chaotic, especially during the first mile and at the turn point where it narrows.

Despite being in a starting pen relating to our estimated finishing times there was Nordic walkers to get around, people walking(!), people stopping to change the music on their MP3 players(!) and people attempting to run while taking a selfie(!). Next time I’ll start further up the field.

The halfers started at 9 and even then it was about 25 degrees but, this year I’d prepared for it by not boozing or eating a mountain of cheese the day before; and all went well – I really couldn’t have given much more. Importantly though we all really enjoyed ourselves; although I suspect the post-race beers we promised ourselves might have kept us motivated.

Gun times aren’t impressive as it took a good couple of minutes to get to the chip mat (and then the chaos) but what’s not to like about running in brilliant sunshine?

Results: Malcolm Court gun 50:24 (chip 48:24); Phil Robinson 52:52 (51:59); Colin Best 53:30 (51:52); Carol Armitstead 55:47 (54:04); Richard Hamer 55:53 (53:50); Tom Hannah 1:01:22 (59:18). The winner was David Nilsson in 31:50, and the last person was back in 3:58:52 – just as well we have a time limit on the Otley 10.

In the half, John Armitstead finished with a gun time of 1:35:02 (haven’t found the chip time). The winner was Jurgen Wittmann in 1:15:18, and 3,914 took part with the slowest time being 3:43:54.

NB: Sorry if the headline is misleading but that’s the even’t official name.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 15th Oct – Palma Marathon Mallorca

  1. Well done, coping with all that sun and heat! Excellent half John, but will you slow down a tad so i can catch up with you before you retire!!
    The slowest half was faster than the slowest 10k, interesting.

  2. I suspect you’re all very competitive lol! Not just in the beer stakes! Did you wear your sandals Richard?

  3. I wish I was there , from the pic it shows that you are having a good time , it is good to see Malcom C. back racing with a great performance going through the finish line in 50.24 . Well done everyone and happy holiday to all .

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