Sunday 15th October – UKA British Fell and Hill Relay Championships, Llanberis

Sunday 15th October – UKA British Fell and Hill Relay Championships, Llanberis

Report from Tom Lynch:

In a busy month for the fell runners, we managed to put together a team for the British Fell relays, after successfully fielding another team 2 weeks earlier for the Hodgson Relays. This years British fell relay championships were held on the flanks of Snowdon, starting out of Llanberis in a well set up base in the old slate tips. The race attracted something like 180 starting teams, with many familiar faces out and about in Caernarfon the night before.The relay format consists of a short(ish) solo Leg 1, a longer paired Leg 2, a long navigational paired Leg 3, and another shorter solo Leg 4. Laura had a good run on Leg 1 (8.9 km /700 m). This leg headed up a steep continuous climbstarting on the road below the race base, all the way to the top of Moel Elio, returning via another ridge, with a small sting in the tail climb thrown in at the end….

I was paired with Andrew for the second time in two weeks on Leg 2 (15 km /900 m).  This followed a winding route though some lanes before reaching a flat path which took us to the foot of the ridge climb to Foel Goch, I was already knackered by this point! Then it traversed the col between Foel Goch, and climbed up to Moel Cynghorion followed by a spectacular descent back to the valley floor (with the descents in the course being to only opportunity I had to catch up to, and overtake Andrew), before winding back with the same hilly sting in the tale as Leg 1. Steve and Lizzie had arguably the biggest challenge of the day on Leg 3, in what was to be a controversial navigational leg, with maps only handed out after they had started out of the pen. Their leg came in at something like 13/14 km, depending on the route choice, and probably only slightly less elevation than Leg 2. There were many in- and post- race complaints about the lines taken by some runners who neglected to use the mandatory wall/fence crossing points marked on the map. Not using the crossing points essentially cut out the climb of Moel Elio, however Steve and Lizzie will be able to tell you about that climb in painstaking detail 😆 . Caron ran the final Leg 4 (8.35 km/512 m), this followed a somewhat similar route to Leg 1, but skirted Moel Elio and then traversed the ridge, without climbing to the summit, and then returned back via the outward portion of Leg 2.

It was hard to tell how we’d done on the day, due to the complexities of mass starts and numerous categories etc, but I had a feeling we’d done a decent job. It turned out that we’d come in 4th, missing out on 3rd spot to Denbighshire Harriers, by only 2.5 minutes.

Leg 1 – Laura McCabe – 117th – 1:13:04

Leg 2 – Andrew Robertshaw & Tom Lynch – 58th – 1:38:14

Leg 3 – Lizzie Irvine & Steve Robinson – 120th – 2:20:07

Leg 4 – Caron Ralph – 157th – 1:09:07

Overall – Otley Mixed (3F/3M) – 4th/15 – 6:20:32

Full results

Pictures – team 190 (insert A, B, C, D at start of number for legs)

5 thoughts on “Sunday 15th October – UKA British Fell and Hill Relay Championships, Llanberis

  1. Top effort organising both of the recent relays, so many last minute changes at the Hodgson’s and panics over travel plans at the weekend, as always it always seems to turn out all right on the night !!
    4th even split mixed is a brilliant result.

  2. I liked the report from Llanberis by Tom L. and for him to be paired with Andrew R. gave Tom great confidence in doing well , 1.38 is a fabulous time to do . On the pick Caron R. looks like she is flying , both her foots are not touching the ground and her time of 1.09 is a super one . Also the new member Lizzie I. is running really fast . Fantastic team , well done to everybody .

  3. Thank god for phone reception on both relays, and for Lizzie’s painstaking flight home, certainly many comments over Nav leg-well done to Steve and Lizzie…and to rest if the team-enjoyable experience. Thanks for organising Tom and I’m glad u picked the only photo of me upright…seemed to spend most of that run with my hands on knees dragging myself upwards

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