Saturday 11th November – Burley Moor Run

Saturday 11th November – Burley Moor Run

Report from Tom Lynch:

An enormous turnout for Otley for the penultimate fell league counter of the year with, 16 Otley runners making the start line. The weather started out nice, and got even better during the race I think, with a cloudless autumn sky. The Burley Moor Run is a race attached (just about) to the Burley Summer Festival, perhaps it’s not muddy enough in the summer and there’s too much bracken! It runs from Scalebor Park in Burley, up onto the moor via farm tracks and a steep muddy climb, followed a big loop with a climb to Green Crag, then on via High Lanshaw Dam, down the track via the shooting hut, and back via Crag Top and Stead Crag. Once the loop is complete there is a steep muddy descent back off the moor and across the Moor Road following the way you came onto the moor and a fast run in back to the Scalebor Pavilion. The route is about 11 km/6.75 miles in total with 390 m/1300 feet of climbing across the route. The race was won by Sam Watson (Wharfedale Harriers) in 45:08 and the first woman was Anabel Mason (Leeds University) in 52:22, overall there were 221 runners. It was another strong day for the Otley women, with Vicky and Laura taking 4th and 5th respectively, and Louise coming in 8th (unfortunately no team prizes). Full results here and full Otley results:

Liam Dunne 16th 49:51.9, Tom Lynch 18th 50:32.5, Graham Lake 32nd 52:44.4, Steven Robinson 51st 56:05.0, Vicky Stainburn 60th (4th Female) 57:17.7, Laura McCabe 61st (5th Female) 57.20.1, Tom Pomfrett 66th 57:59.7, Louise Williams 91st (8th Female) 1:00:27.5, Andy Webster 118th 1:05:39.3, Matt Podd 131st 1:07:00.7, Carl Maughan 135th 1:07:15.1, Deborah Bassett 157th (18th Female) 1:09:00.7, Daniel Mundet 188th 1:15:24.7, Liz Fawcett 191st 1:15:53.0, Gloria Jackson 210th 1:33:29.7, Antonio Cardinale 219th 1:40:37.6

…after (spot who fell over).


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  1. It is a good report by Tom L. who did as well a powerful race in 50.33 , also Vicky S. in great form ran a splendid fell race in 57.17 that gave her a significant 4th place , and as well Laura M. ran well in 57.20 . Liam D. is coming back in good shape with a super 49.51. Well done everyone.

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