Runner of the Month – October

Runner of the Month – October

Another close call in the Runner of the Month decision this month means that the ladies award goes to both Rachael Wright and Lizzie Irvine for their performances and participation in the Hodgson Brothers and British Fell Relay Championships. In the Hodgson Relay it was Rachael’s first Lakeland fell race, and she took it on in terrible weather conditions which led to re-routing of the race, and a bit of organisational stress. Similarly Lizzie took on the daunting challenge of the navigation leg on the British fell relays, all on about 2 hours sleep in a campervan after a delayed 4am return from holiday on the same day!

The mens award was a more clear cut decision with a moment of deja-vu, another October and another 3rd in the Yorkshire Marathon for Scott. This would be enough to secure the ROTM in itself, but Scott also took on the very brutal sounding Snowdonia Marathon at the end of October (I had to double check he did 2 marathons in a month), and dug deep to produce an impressive 8th overall finish.


5 thoughts on “Runner of the Month – October

  1. I agree with Caron R. and Tamara W. about that these awards are well deserved indeed , Racheal W. is really a strong runner and she is improving race after race , Lizzie I. is a super fell runner with an excellent stride , and Scott H. is a super athletic runner , a very fast runner indeed.

  2. You’ve always had this special quality Antonio for giving encouragement for any runner in Otley AC, regardless of their standard which I’ve always admired. You’re a winner in your own right.

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