Wednesday 22nd November – Even Splits 5k – Race 6

Wednesday 22nd November – Even Splits 5k – Race 6

Report from Graham Lake :

After taking a look at the Runner of the Year sheet I realised I’d not done a single road race this year, so a quick google came up with this race. However due to the calibre of the top-end I’m not sure it’ll get me many points!

This race series is held at the Brownlee cycle track and is well organised as you’d expect from Mark Hetherington’s team. Online entry, quick results, fast course, changing/toilets, all very easy. Next year will be a 10 race series which I’m sure will be very popular, so keep a look out.

The race is split in to two heats, but results are combined in to one race.

Sara Elliott went in the ‘B’ heat finishing in 22.33 in 83rd position overall, 10th lady.

I ran in the ‘A’ heat (those under 22mins predicted time I think?) finishing in 18.53 in 22nd place. I was slightly disappointed with my time, but it was particularly windy,  so you can probably take 20 or so seconds off those times, it felt like a fast course.

Winners were Jack Wood of Ilkley Harriers in 16.24 and Susan Lewis of Roundhay Runners in 19.34

As it’s a twisty bike circuit you could watch the front-runners battling it out, with Jack and John Hobbs of Valley Striders having a great battle.

Full results here:

One thought on “Wednesday 22nd November – Even Splits 5k – Race 6

  1. For a windy night Graham , your time of 18.53 is not bad at all and maybe next year I will do a few races of the series there because as well I have got good memories of the cross country races that we did 15 years ago at the same place . Well done to Sara E. for the fast 5k finishing in a nice 22.33.

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