Saturday 16th December – Gathering Winter Fools Relay

Saturday 16th December – Gathering Winter Fools Relay

Leg 1

Report from Steve Robinson:

Tamara and Steve R set the Relay off from Keighley, at Cliffe Castle Park, through Laycock, taking in parts of the Millennium Way, over to Sutton in Craven and finally the change over at Kildwick. Around 9 miles of very icy and treacherous ground conditions.

Unfortunately, around 3 miles into the race we came across a Barlick Fell Runner, on the deck, who had slipped on ice and had a suspected broken ankle. Not nice to see, he had been on the front battling with Bingley and Wharfedale, who had all stopped with him so there was nothing more we could have done.

It did however allow us to witness Ian Holmes and Victoria Wilkinson in full flight later in the race, making up for lost time overtaking most teams.

We managed to reach the handover point before the mass start which we were both happy about.

Leg 2

Two years ago Laura Martin and myself ran Leg two in torrential rain and nearly succumbed to the effects of hypothermia. Back for a fourth attempt this year, both of us getting over recent viral infections planned to take it steady. It was a glorious sunny day and we started off along the canal path, before climbing the aptly named murder mile. Once on top of the moors, we hit a mixture of ice and mud. Things were going pretty well until we took a wrong turn. It lost us a few minutes until we found our route again. Descending down we caught up some time until I fell in a bog, then suffered from cramp in my calf and it took a few minutes to get going again looking stupid rolling about on the floor. Once we got going again the rest of the run was uneventful. Finishing the leg in just over 1:35. Looking forward to another attempt next year now.

Leg 3

Report from Colin Best:

Serena and Colin collected the ball from Laura M and Andy W outside the Busfield Arms East Morton. They managed to beat the cut off by a few minutes. That set the challenge for us.

We were glad to have reccied the route the week before as otherwise it would have been challenging to say the least. We did not have anyone to follow for most of the run and knowing the route meant a stress free run.

For a net downhill leg there seemed an awful lot of climbing but we were well matched and kept together all the way round. We were both really pleased with our run taking just under 51 minutes. Alas we missed the mass start by just a few minutes which was disappointing but not surprising. The cricket ball is still in my possession. Just as well as I’m sure John didn’t want another ball to hold on too.

Leg 4

report from John “the fig leaf” Dade and Caron Ralph:

Lots of comedy outfits at changeover on the canal near the Fishermans Arms, Bingley.  At least 2 of the 7 dwarves and a definite masculine Snow White!  Didn’t see Colin and Serena from leg 3 as we went off in the mass start…along the canal chasing some Ninja Turtles and a few Vikings into Bingley then the looooong climb through St Ives park.  I’m saying long but possibly wasn’t , just felt like it in present running form (rather no form) a little bit of off road then down hill into the streets of Keighley, surprisingly no wolf whistles for John ( though some startled expressions) and finally up through Cliffe Castle to finish what Steve and Tamara started.  Kudos to John for dragging me through this and able to keep our place in the pack, we weren’t overtaken by any other team and maybe would’ve pulled a place ahead if not for a slightly different route through Cliffe Castle.  Finishing in the school with pie and peas, a welcome ending!


1st Christmas Stockings 03:49:25 Male Leg 1 01:05:42 Leg 2 01:08:12 Leg 3 00:42:56 Leg 4 00:52:35 1

23rd  (1st mixed) Barlick Bad Ass Crew 04:53:51 Mixed Leg 1 01:30:46 Leg 2 01:30:22 Leg 3 00:46:30 Leg 4 01:04:21 23

25th (3rd mixed) Otley Baldies 04:58:50 Mixed Leg 1 01:20:26 Leg 2 01:35:04 Leg 3 00:50:50 Leg 4 01:11:10 25

One thought on “Saturday 16th December – Gathering Winter Fools Relay

  1. There was black ice also at the Ken Dixon , the day after your relay especially the last mile until the finish . Very powerful performances from our members in difficult and challenging terrain especially from the experienced senior Colin B. in great shape and as well from Caron R. in a lovely Christmas dress . Well done everyone .

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