Saturday 6th January – Yorkshire Cross Country

Saturday 6th January – Yorkshire Cross Country

On a cool and mostly sunny day at the Lightwater Valley Theme Park it was fantastic to see Otley AC represented in 6 of the 10 races at the best County championships in the country? Well done to all the juniors, racing in these high quality races.

The  senior women stole the day with Vicky Stainburn 24th 33:37, Laura McCabe 42nd 36:00 and Sara Elliott 57th 37:26 all having great runs on the twisting course, where the going was best described in horse racing parlance as good to soft.  Up front Claire Duck, Alex Bell and Georgia Malir battled it out on the first couple of laps before Claire Duck broke clear on the final lap to come home a clear winner in 29:23.

Graham Lake, President Billy and Antonio took to the start line in the senior men’s race of one short & 4 long laps.  Graham was first home in 105th, 42:31, followed by Billy 247th 1:03:21 and Antonio 251st 1:18:59.  Last year’s winner Emile Cairess, Leeds City easily retained his title after ‘sitting in’ behind the leaders for the first couple of laps.  Finishing 44 seconds clear of Graham Rush, Cheltenham.

See a full set of results on the Northern Athletics site here.  More of Jack’s photo’s here.  For those of you who like looking back at the archive here’s a Phil Dean’s report from Otley’s first time at the Yorkshire Cross Country, Beverley racecourse in 1990 here.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 6th January – Yorkshire Cross Country

  1. Excellent run by Vicky S. in a very competitive field of runners from all over the region , her 33.37 is fast , also Sara E. ran a solid race in 37.26 . It is good to see Ian Fisher in action , his class is still there in his long stride . Graham L. did a super cross country in 42.31 not bad at all . I liked as well to read Phil Dean’s report from Beverley , very interesting . We did indeed appreciate the encouragement on the course from Kath and Jack R. and from Andrew that is still recovering from injury . Well done all .

  2. Phil Dean invited me to join Otley back in ’91, just before I considered rejoining Bingley again. He was the club secretary for quite a long time, and he did many things including staging the first Washburn Relay back in ’93. Plus organising many other things too. We were very close. I was like a son he never had, and he came around to my parents house for his final two Christmases before he took his own life in 2003 in Askwith with petrol mower in his car, partly I think because he couldn’t run or cycle as much as he wanted because of health problems? He was fine in company, and had many friends. But being on his own at home, I don’t know. He had already made his mind up. It was a massive shock to me getting this phone call from a friend while at work, more so than losing my dad to natural causes in 2010, which I expected.
    I’m lucky to have known such a likeable person who was the sole person in getting me to join Otley, and spurring me on to become a good runner for them.

  3. It was a very sad comment made by Ian F. about the late Phil Dean . Phil was the first runner that I met at the rugby field on the Nov 2000 when I first joined the club just few weeks after coming from Milan to live in this country , because I was as well a club member in a Milan running club . Phil on that training night came back earlier alone because he had knee or hip problem and he told me that he was struggling and that the rest of the pack would come back in a short time in fact soon after the group arrived and I met Jack R. who enrolled me into the club . In those 10 minutes that I was talking to Phil waiting for the pack , I realized how experienced and competent a runner he was and he welcomed me to the club with friendship . Phil is very missed , Rest In Peace .

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