Brass Monkey Half Marathon – 14 January 2018

Brass Monkey Half Marathon – 14 January 2018

Report from Andy Webster

There was going to be a bigger turnout of Otley Ac runners but in the end it was just myself and Gavin Burton who made it to the start line. It was a cool fresh day but luckily no ice.
A severe lack of long runs meant my legs did not feel great from about 9 miles and gradually got slower for the last 4. Good day overall and some great home made cakes were purchased on the way back to the car.
1st place male Jamie Parkinson 1:07:15 Thames Hare & Hounds 1st Place female Tracey Millmore 1:19:02 Birtley AC Andy Webster 763 1:46:34 Gavin Burton 778 1:46:53


One thought on “Brass Monkey Half Marathon – 14 January 2018

  1. Ian Fisher used to run this race and he won several times , I did it twice , with the best time of 1.44 in my fifty’s . Gavin B. is running really well , 1.46 is a good time , especially that Gavin started running not long ago . Also Andy W. ran a strong half marathon in 1.46 , with lovely comfort food afterwards , not bad at all .

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