Box Hill Fell Race – 20 January 2018

Box Hill Fell Race – 20 January 2018

Report from Nick Hodgkinson

I decided to fly the flag for Otley AC and entered what the Southerners call a ‘fell race’.

Most of the ingredients were there, with lung sapping climbs, quad crushing descents, plenty of mud and driving rain. I even managed to get (slightly) lost. However, this never felt like a proper fell race. Maybe it was the lack of remoteness, or the absence of any really big climbs, or was it just the large queues for lattes before the start of the race? (I kid not)!!

However, this was still a very enjoyable, well organised event.

The winner was Aaron McGrady in 56:00. I finished 210th in 106:18. (although I did run an extra mile or so)

PS I was the only runner washing in the river at the end of the race (and getting a few odd comments)

One thought on “Box Hill Fell Race – 20 January 2018

  1. He must be mad , I think were the odd comments for washing yourself in the frozen river Nick , it sounds a lovely trail race with plenty of action , it is a shame this ”fell race” is not in our district , I could have been tempted to give it a go next year. Well done to Nick H. for running this race in 106 minutes , doing extra distance as well

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