Sunday 11th March – Keighley 10K

Sunday 11th March – Keighley 10K

Report from Matt Podd:

Rob Fearnley (running to support the charity), Donna Edmondson (her first ever race), Sarah Belt (bullied into it by Matt) and Matt Podd (running to support Improvers into racing) turned up at the Kieghley Leisure Centre to register and run this Sue Ryder organised race in nice weather. Not my normal type of race, but I was up for a laugh and any time in Keighley is…… Musical warm up and a lot of platitudes, and off we set for a tour of Keighley in a clockwise direction. A very interesting route, including going through a builders merchant yard, lots of snickets and ginnels, muddy paths, obscure back streets and three parks. The good folk of Keighley turned up to cheer us on, some in their jamas and onesies, many with a tab lit. Not a flat course or one for a PB, but very interesting. Well done to Sarah and Donna, early in their racing careers, no walking but some blue language. Organisers are having to post our T shirts out to us, as they hadn’t arrived in time.

1, Tom Adams 32.20

26, Sarah O’Sullivan 41.02

377 Rob Fearnley 58.13

567 Donna Edmondson 65.35

580 Sarah Belt 66.19

581 Matt Podd 66.18

754 ran

One thought on “Sunday 11th March – Keighley 10K

  1. Congratulations to Donna E. for her first race done at the Keighley 10k completed in a good 66.35 , also Sarah B. ran really well and she went to the finish line in a strong 66.19 . The photo of our four members including Matt P. and Rob F. is lovely , it shows the right attitude on how to enjoy the day . Well done everyone .

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