Sunday 8th April 2018 – Baildon Boundary Way

Sunday 8th April 2018 – Baildon Boundary Way

Report from S Boddy

I received a late entry to this event after my mate dropped out so I wasn’t particularly well prepared. (always good to get an excuse in early I feel). It’s a quick start with the first mile or so heading down from Baildon through Esholt before the steep, sharp hill in the Woods. I started nearer the front than I intended so spent the first stages of the race being passed by others. This included Vicky and Louise who both overtook me looking cheerful and strong and I saw them later in the race still running quickly. Vicky ran so well she finished as second lady which was an impressive achievement, especially given the size of the field. Louise had a good run and stayed just ahead of me all the way round and Sara and Billy also battled the conditions underfoot, making up the Otley AC contingent. The route is a very well balanced multi terrain route with a bit of everything. Some good climbs, a few nice wooded trails, loads of mud in places, the quiet road through Esholt and a long canal section. As mentioned earlier, Vicky led us home followed by Louise, myself, Sara and Billy. I also saw Eriks in the results but not in the flesh.

The race was won by Joe Baxter of Pudsey & Bramley in 1:22:09 and first lady (15th overall) was Margaret Beever (F35) of Stainland Lions in 1:40:15.

For Otley Victoria Stainburn finished 26th in 1:43:23, Louise Williams 49th in 1:50:08, Stephen Boddy 59th in 1:52:22, Sara Elliott 109th in 2:00:37 and Andrew Rayner 279th in 2:36:05.

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  1. Congratulations to Vicky S. for an extraordinary second place in this popular half with the time 1.43 and considering as well the wet footpaths and the soggy fields , it was fast indeed . Also Louise W. is running really well , her time of 1.50 is powerful . President Billy R. crossed the finish line in 2.36 , it is not bad at all if you consider the challenging route . I liked as well the report of Stephen B. from Baildon . Well done everyone.

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