Sunday 15th April 2018 – Vale of York 10

Sunday 15th April 2018 – Vale of York 10

Report from Howard

Another weekend another 10 miler. I nursed my knee during the week because it was swollen and clicking from a bike ride with the saddle too low so I did not get round to running again for a speed session, albeit short, on Friday. Saturday with saddle adjusted properly I rode up to Wetherby to do the parkrun. I wanted to push it a bit harder (23.05) so that today’s 10 was run slightly fatigued to get used to the discomfort of racing hard again. A sell-out field of which 1152 finished today lined up on the Rufforth airstrip for a 9.30 start which was delayed by 10 minutes. Conditions were nice and cool and the sun threatening to peep through but never actually did which was probably a good thing. My ideal target for today was 73 minutes or so and acceptable target at least as fast as last week. I set off quicker than last week at 7.20 pace which is what I went through the first mile at. I followed Christine who had done 73 last week. The route is fairly flat for the first 4 miles and then there is a bit of a climb to 5. Christine had pulled away following a youngster who was encouraging her to keep up. I felt it was too quick which it turned out to be as I went through 6 miles in 43.58 which was still bang on pace. There is a long drag between 7 and 8 and I began to feel yesterday’s efforts in my thighs and calves. It began to be a bit of a grind for the last two miles which is what I had intended it to be but without the slow down in pace. I could not catch Christine who was slower than last week but I managed to finish 156th in 74.22, 3 seconds faster on what is a more difficult course I think and I was conscious of a bit of a cool headwind in places. All good prep for next week’s European qualifying duathlon at Stockton. The race was won by John Clifford of Evenwood RR in 55.07. First lady was Helen Cross of York Tri Club in 58.56 in 8th place! Fellow B&W’s:

291 Tony Pfeiffer 1.20.38
355 Gavin Burton 1.23.24
444 Andrew Rayner 1.25.56
474 Joanna Hobson 1.27.0
490 Ged Peacock 1.27.59
527 Rebecca Keinhorst 1.29.36
978 Sarah Belt 1.47.08

2 thoughts on “Sunday 15th April 2018 – Vale of York 10

  1. Well done to everybody, especially to Rebecca who beat her time from last year by 10 minutes ! And great time too from Sarah.
    hope to do this next year, great write up Howard..

    Great times from everyone

  2. I agree with Laurel about Rebecca K . doing a great 10 miles in 1.29 , also Sarah B. run well in 1.47 , and as well there is a great write up by Howard J. from Rufforth and all the best to Howard for the next European qualifications , his run in this race is really a competitive one , to do a 7.20 pace it is hard going and to finish in 74.22 it is significant for the future . Well done to everybody especially Joanna H. she is running really well at the moment .

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