Tuesday 8th May – Jack Bloor Fell Race Distance: 8.4km / 5.2m Climb: 350m / 1148ft

Tuesday 8th May – Jack Bloor Fell Race Distance: 8.4km / 5.2m Climb: 350m / 1148ft

Report from Graham Lake:

With the end to the heatwave came the Jack Bloor fell race, an annual run raising money for the Jack Bloor fund for aspiring outdoor athletes.

There were the usual junior races with a good turnout of young black and whites before the seniors lined up. The route goes straight up from the usual grass near Darwin Gardens in Ilkley, straight up to the right of the stream (or left if you think that’s faster) and up to Badger Stone. This is a really tough start, and it was a welcome sight to see Caron and Andrew perched like moorland sprites on the aforementioned monolith.

I’d gone off fast, and was aware I was still ahead of Tom and some of the other faster runners, so was worried I might blow up, but after the fast traverse over to the swastika stone I was still ahead after the longer, shallower climb up to the stone trod. However, I could hear some heavy breathing over my shoulder and knew it would be Tom closing me down, which it was! I kept ahead to the Rombalds Moor summit, but Tom sped ahead on the killer stinky bog. I still felt I was going well, and tried to pass a Wharfedale runner before the steps, and instead fell onto my back and skidded along the track a bit. He sportingly asked if I was ok, which I was (sort of) and we both headed off down the steps, where I let him and another runner get too far ahead to catch. The last bit is really technical, but great fun, and Tom gained more time and places here due to his mountain goat skills. All in all I was pleased with my run as was running with runners I hadn’t been up with for a while.

Winner was Jack Wood of Ilkley (4th time in a row) in 39.20. Women’s winner was Rosie Watson of Cumberland Fell Runners in 48.35.

For Otley were:

18th Tom Lynch 46.55

27th Graham Lake 47.33

46th (5th woman) Victoria Stainburn 51.04

65th (8th woman) Rebecca Harpur 52.56

77th (11th woman) Louise Williams 54.03

161st Antonio Cardinale 1.58.01

The girls were 2nd women’s team and maybe won a prize??

Results here: http://www.jackbloor.co.uk/index.php/2-uncategorised/202-2018-results

Lots of photos from Dave and Eileen Woodhead here…




2 thoughts on “Tuesday 8th May – Jack Bloor Fell Race Distance: 8.4km / 5.2m Climb: 350m / 1148ft

  1. They did indeed! I hung on for the prize giving and have a bottle of beer each to hand over. I’ll definitely get round to this at some point…. also Louise was third W40 just pipped by an Ilkley runner to 2nd, behind 1st place second claimer Carol Morgan running for Nidd Valley.

  2. The Jack Bloor race has always been popular in our club and it is a favourite of Andrew R. who did superb performances through the years and has won the race in 2005 as well . Great racing by Graham L. although he had a fall he gave all he had finishing in a super 47.33 and I also liked his report from Ilkley . Tom L. ran strongly in a fast 46.05 . The new girl Rebecca H. was flying on the moors , her finishing time of 52.56 is awesome . Louise W. is a proper competitor , her 54.03 is really good , and Victoria S. had a fantastic fell race , her 51.04 is fabulous.

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