Saturday 12th May – Fairfield fell race

Saturday 12th May – Fairfield fell race

Report from Tom Lynch:

After a recce of this race a couple of weeks ago with Sharron Smith and Rogan Ashton, Laura McCabe and I headed up to Fairfield to race this popular fell race on a nice hot day without a cloud in the sky. This was a bit of a difference from the recce where we nearly go lost on the Fairfield summit! We were joined by Chris Brunold from Otley, unfortunately there were no spaces left for Sharron and Rogan to join us as the race was sold out.

The route is an obvious horseshoe starting and finishing at Rydal Hall, taking in Great Rigg, Fairfield and Dove Crag Summits, with a fast grassy but craggy descent, and is virtually all up for the first half and down for the second half.

The sunny weather made for a hot race, but also great views from the top and some good pictures. I had a pretty poor descent/run in, and couldn’t wait for the endless track at the end to finish – it does with a nice stream crossing and little hill to the finish. The race is held in Rydal Hall which has some nice ground for camping, a stunning hidden waterfall, and a short walk to the Badger Bar, where we retired to the beer garden for some food and a beer.

The winner was Joshua Jardine (Helm Hill) in 1:21:29, first woman was Sharon Taylor (Helm Hill) in 1:41:03, I came in 84th in 1:50:52, Laura McCabe was 166th in 2:05:56 and Chris Brunold was 283rd in 2:40:45. Full results are here.


2 thoughts on “Saturday 12th May – Fairfield fell race

  1. I’ve walked Fairfield in good weather, and in very bad (genuinely thought we were going to die!), and totally understand the possibility of getting lost at the top. As you went clockwise round it, I presume you had that hell of a scramble up Nab Scar to get up onto the ridge but the descent would be lovely!

    This is one of those routes that I want to run, but I’m not sure I’d dare race. Bravo!

  2. Fabulous run by Tom L. in this very hard classic and difficult Fairfield fell race , Tom went to the finish line in a magnificent 1.50 . Also Laura M. and Chris B. did well too , bravo indeed .

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