Sunday 13th May – Leeds Half Marathon

Sunday 13th May – Leeds Half Marathon

Report from Matt:

I haven’t run a road half Marathon for 7 years (Bridlington) and I’d only done three before. However when Sarah Belt and Donna (from improver’s) said they were tempted; I rashly said if you do so will I!

The weather forecast was for rain, but  I got up to sun on Sunday morning and picked up Sarah, Donna and President Billy and drove to Leeds to park at Billy’s work, and use their toilets. A big do the Leeds half – not my normal sort of race – a right circus with over 6000 road runners. So we all set off for our respective starting pens and off we went though town to Meanwood road. Much hotter than I had expected, so stripped off to a vest and tried to pace the uphill start. Not very hilly compared to a fell race, but uphill, steeply as we left Meanwood to join Stonegate rd. Passed Andy Webster at this point who was making excuses and sweating.

Once on the ring road its nearly all downhill and time to pick up the pace, cruising down Butchers hill ( where Billy had passed someone having a poo!) and onto a warm  Kirkstallroad. Only 4 miles of flat boredom to the finish, but I felt good so sped up and picked people off all the way into the finish. Music, shouting and lots of platitudes greeted us as we picked up our goodie bags (purple Tshirts) and medals. Even pints of alcohol free beer.

I watched most of the team come home, except Laurel and Tash, then it took Billy 1 1/2 hours to get home.

Not my bag, but glad to have done it.

Rachel Brooke 703 in 1.41.11

Matt Podd 1113 in 1.46.19

Andy Webster 1473 in 1:53:09

Mary Hampshire 2127 in 1.51.14

Billy        2384 in 1.54.48

Reebs K 2951 in 2.01.02

Daniel M 3822 in 2.01.06

Sarah Belt 5345 in 2.22.16

Donna Edmondson 5346 in 2.26.16

Laurel Freer 5553 in 2.33.27

Tash Whitaker 5607 in 2.35.52

6085 completed

3 thoughts on “Sunday 13th May – Leeds Half Marathon

  1. Great report, I saw a few running in and out of bushes – thankfully didn’t see anyone having a pooh!! haha.. I found it a fairly tough one, and I was hurting from mile 11 but kept going.
    I hate kirkstall it is a loooong boring road which goes on forever. But I am glad I did it.. The furthest I had run before this was Guy Fawkes 10, 6 months ago and since then my running has been hit and miss so all in all I was pleased with my time and only 3 mins off what I had predicted. Training is definitely starting this week for the next one! 🙂

  2. I agree with Laurel F. about the report from Leeds it is really good and Laurel as well ran well with sheer determination till the finish line . Also Tash W. after the London race ran another great race with superb consistency crossing the line in a good 2.35 and leaving behind around 500 runners . Donna E. too ran a powerful half marathon in 2.26 finishing almost together with Sarah B. who went a bit faster in a super 2.22. About runners jumping in bushes during the race , made me remember a half marathon in Milan 30 years ago , we were half way around 7 miles and my friend Bruno had all at once a stomach ache like diarrhoea and he had to ”run” for a toilette to the nearest bar on the corner because he could not use the bushes there were too many spectators with children all around . Well done everyone .

  3. You can never make too many excuses!

    Though seem to be on a terminal decline in running ability.

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