Saturday June 2nd – Wharfedale off-road Half marathon

Saturday June 2nd – Wharfedale off-road Half marathon

Report from Phil Robinson:

Woke up this morning, it was drizzling rain,
Picked up my innovs, got ready for pain.
Four miles up the Dalesway, down again,
Heart jumps at the prospect of Mastiles lane.
Jelly babies courtesy of Jack and Kath,
A little sugar boost to keep me on the path,
Run, walk, run, walk, lactate burn,
Checkpoint two at last, left-hand turn.
Cruising down to Bordley, out uphill,
Then another grassy climb, steeper still,
Steady miles across the moor, damp and cool,
Spirits lifting at the sight of Wharfedale School.
Welcoming spectators, finishing line,
Ending up exhausted, feeling fine.

1          Duncan Coombs        Cambridge & Coleridge        1-26-27

2          Thomas Hobson                                                        1-30-13

3          Istvan Jacso                                                                1-30-46


23       Joe Torr                        Otley (down as Pennine)    1-40-10

73       Rebecca Harpur          Otley (down as U/A)          1-53-10

230     Phil Robinson             Otley                                      2-19-57

233     Richard Hamer          Otley                                       2-20-27

319     Sara Richard              Otley                                       2-34-13

354     Hannah Lupton         Otley                                       2-42-57


Excellent performances from Hannah and Sara, my time a little improved on my last two efforts at this event, and a PB for Richard on his fourth (?) attempt.

6 thoughts on “Saturday June 2nd – Wharfedale off-road Half marathon

  1. Excellent Phil!

    I read ‘run, walk, run, walk, lactate burn’ like ‘hotel, motel, holiday inn’.

  2. Yep, PB for the Wharfedale at the fourth attempt – for various reasons attempts 2 and 3 don’t count. My tactics didn’t go quite as planned but still seemed to have worked.
    Yet again Phil was too strong for me!

  3. Great poem by Phil R. from this challenging half and he crossed the finishing line in a superb 2.19 . Congratulations to Richard H. for his PB done in 2.20 a good run indeed . Sara R. is a strong runner and she is improving loads , good finish in 2.34 . Also Hannah L. did a super race in 2.42 , not bad at all for such tough terrain . Well done to the new member Joe T. as well .

  4. Great poem Phil! On reflection it was a good day out in the hills but if you’d asked me at the top of Mastiles Lane if I was enjoying myself you may have got a rude response. From there to the check point at Boss Moor the wheels feel off my race and I was battling to just finish in one piece. Once I hit the Moor I did my usual homing pigeon impression and nothing was going to get in my way to finish. The highlight of the day was Jack and Kath popping up round a corner just before the horrible climb up Mastiles. They were there with their usual words of encouragement and jelly babies and then again as you came off the moor. Jack could obviously see I was shattered and shouted after me that once I hit the road it was only a mile to the finish, the longest mile ever! I need to stop winging these races I’ve entered and do some training, I’m fed up of dragging my fat and unfit body round, it hurts!

  5. After all you left behind 69 runners and 3 retired as well , so maybe you did not feel so great on day , that happens to every runner to have a bad day at the office , but your 2.42 Hannah is good especially because there is a lot of climbing , and your body will be ready and fit for the next race , also my body hurts after the 10k in Skipton tonight and I find difficult to walk straight and I am all wobbly and tonight in bed I will be struggling to find the right position for sleeping because of the pain and ache all over my body

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