Sunday 3rd June – Penyghent fell race AM 10.5km 564m

Sunday 3rd June – Penyghent fell race AM 10.5km 564m

Report from Colin Best:

With the Whafedale half full fortunately , I decided to enter Penyghent . It is some years since doing this. Back then it was the longest AS fell race now following some rerouting because of erosion off the top it is now a short AM.

Thanks to Louise W for driving allowing Chris B Laura Mc and myself to arrive in good time for the start. We quickly met up with the rest of the Otley team, Antonio (with a rare appearance in shorts) and Don B

The weather had taken a turn for the worse and Penyghent was somewhere in the low cloud. Full body cover was required and I hadn’t packed any trousers. Thanks to Don for bailing me out. Antonio was a little concerned about getting lost but he need not of worried because the route was well marshalled and marked .The route takes you up the steep scramble to the top and then there is a lovely fast run off before climbing once again to the top of Whither Hill.

Despite the drizzle and low cloud conditions the conditions were very good underfoot and thankfully cooler. The fact that the course record was broken is testament to this.


1st  Alasdair McLeod Leeds City   48.10

1st Lady Lucy Wootton    U/A        1.04.22

64th 5th Lady  Laura McCabe        1.07.54

74th         Louise Williams                1.09.20

107th Colin Best                            1.17.35

115th Chris Brunold                        1.20.23

129th Don Buffham                       1.25.24

142nd Antonio Cardinale                             2.04.59

142 entries

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2 thoughts on “Sunday 3rd June – Penyghent fell race AM 10.5km 564m

  1. hey antonio – wearing shorts on the one occasion when long pants actually required? people will talk!

  2. I know Phil , it was a disaster , I tried to be more aerodynamic wearing shorts , but I had cold legs all the way and because it was foggy and wet my glasses kept steaming up and I could not see a thing . It was disappointing as well because of the fog I could not see Pen Y Ghent at all and once at the very top no view could be seen , it is a very hard fell race just like the Wadsworth Half Trog . Colin B. was flying in the fog , his 1.17 is fabulous and the report is good and spartan . Louise W. is a powerhouse 1.09 is like a victory . Our Don B. is just amazing in his new youth , and it is indeed still Laura M. who was the fastest on the day , and also Chris B. did a great fell race .

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