Sunday 24th June – Bradford Millenium Way Relay

Sunday 24th June – Bradford Millenium Way Relay

Report from Tom Lynch:

This year Otley managed to field another 2 teams for the Bradford Millenium Way relay (or BMW for short!). This is a 5 stage paired relay that as the name suggests runs around the Bradford Millennium footpath, starting at the Bradford & Bingley Sports club in Bingley with legs of between 8 and 11 miles. Leg 1 visits Penistone Country park from a start at Bingley, Leg 2 goes from Penistone to Laycock, Leg 3 Laycock-Silsden, Leg 4 Silsden to Ilkley Moor, just across from White Wells, and finally Leg 5 travels back over the moor, via parts of various local race routes to finish in Bingley. After a few chops and changes and substitutions in the run-up as is normal with such big team events we fielded a mainly male Open team, and an all female Womens team. Running for Otley were: Open – Leg 1 Tom Paget, Graham Lake, Leg 2 Steve Robinson and Stephen Boddy, Leg 3 Laura McCabe and Vicky Stainburn, Leg 4 Andy Webster and Hugh Pearson, Leg 5 Andrew Robertshaw and Tom Lynch. Women – Leg 1 Rachael Wright and Sara Elliot, Leg 2 Hannah Lupton and Sarah FitzGerald, Leg 3 Carmen Dojahn-Wood and Natasha Whitaker, Leg 4 Sharron Smith and Caron Ralph, and Leg 5 Hayley Galvin and Liz Fawcett. It was another scorcher of a day, as we are becoming accustomed to lately, and a lot of the focus was on getting round without getting ill or collapsing. Fortunately for the most part there we no mishaps, although unfortunately Sarah was unlucky to badly roll her ankle on Leg 2 for the women’s team and they couldn’t finish the leg, however she safely returned to the start with Hannah. In this competition only a time penalty is added for injuries and the rest of the team were able to carry on and complete the remaining legs. Hopefully Sarah is recovering well and can get back to running soon.

Stand out moments for the day for me, among a set of great performances, were: Laura and Vicky’s supersonic Leg 3 – coming in 10th place overall for their Leg (notable scalps including Wharfedale Men), a strong effort from Sara E almost running to the point of exhaustion on Leg 1, Hugh standing in last minute for a long hot Leg 4 over (careful how you read that) the moors on very little training, and Sharron leaving her car key in Silsden and running to Ilkley ;-). Moments I’d rather forget: trailing Andrew for 8 miles across Ilkley Moor before he finally started to tire on the run in.

Well done all, fielding and completing two teams is an achievement in itself especially on such a warm day.

Full results are available from Saltaire Striders.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 24th June – Bradford Millenium Way Relay

  1. Cheers for organising Tom, never an easy task. And there were some great performances. These events are about the team-spirit and fun too.

  2. I agree with Graham L. about that there were some great performances , especially from Tom L. and Andrew R. their last leg was really powerful finishing in 1.25 , also Tom P. and Graham L. ran the first leg really fast in 1.33 .In leg 2 Hannah L. and Sarah F. did an excellent run , considering as well the heat . In leg 3 Natasha W. and Carmen D. ran a super stage of around 9 miles in challenging weather conditions , merit to both Natasha and Carmen . Well done to everyone .

  3. Grest fun, even the car key wobble lol! Thanks to all the water marshalls and great running on a hot day!

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