Sunday 1st July – Morecambe Half Marathon

Sunday 1st July – Morecambe Half Marathon

Report from Ian Broadbent

I’m doing a half marathon a month for the remainder of the year and entered this one thinking it would be a typical breezy wet Morecambe day but it turned out to about 26c for most of the race. There were only 140 finishers and judging by the non collected numbers a lot decided not to run.

The council work on the prom had overrun so there was a last minute change of route, 2 longish Laps and one smaller one all along the promenade. Well marshaled with lots of support on route I decided to plod given the heat and finished in a slow 1:59:23 but I was 40/140 so pretty pleased given the conditions. This is part of a wider series around Lancaster and Morecambe, bag of sandwiches and chocolate and a technical t shirt at the finish with plenty of water en route. Only real downside is the promenade is still open so there was a bit of dodging of people oblivious to the fact a race was going on. Obviously didn’t put enough cream on as I looked a bit like an arsenal kit when I took my vest off!

First male Joe Kenny, Helm Hill Runners in 1:19:30, first female Victoria Mousley, Blackburn in 1:31:58, for Otley Ac Ian Broadbent in 1:59:23

Full results here


One thought on “Sunday 1st July – Morecambe Half Marathon

  1. There is nothing worse for racing than having to avoid careless people because it makes harder to focus on the pace and as well to do 2 or 3 laps is not nice , especially if you can see your car in the car park , it makes really hard to carry on running another lap and considering the hot and muggy conditions your 1.59 for the Morecambe Half is not bad at all , well done to Ian B.

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