Saturday 14th July – Addingham Gala Fell Race – 5.9m 984ft

Saturday 14th July – Addingham Gala Fell Race – 5.9m 984ft

Report from Graham Lake

Despite a few social media and WhatsApp shout-outs, I couldn’t muster anyone to join me for the Addingham Gala fell race, which was a fell league counter, but I had a feeling a certain Italian might be there.

It was a HOT day, and having done Washburn relay the night before I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing. The show field was a sun-trap, and I seriously considered just having an icecream and a bet on the ferret racing, and going home. Antonio was there, so I manned-up and took to the start line.

The race is a very similar route to the Beamsley Beacon race earlier in the year, except you go UP the summit ridge rather than down, and have to descend the way you’ve just slogged up (and miss out the dreaded sunken lane).

I think it was a fairly low entry due to the heat and a number of alternative races not far off, however I took it fairly easy, watching the first 3 absolutely fly away up the fields. I’m normally ok in the heat, but the summit ridge was so hot I had to walk on what isn’t a particularly steep track, and I got past by the first 2 ladies.

The descent was better and I overtook a couple of people despite going slightly wrong. The ice-lolly and chat with Liam and William cooled me down, some runners looked in a right state.

Results are:

1st Jack Cummings of Ilkley 40.36 in what looks like a tight finish with Craig Shearer of Barlick.

1st Lady Chloe Haines of Dark Peak in 47.30

For Otley:

Graham Lake 10th 48.45

Antonio Cardinale 73rd 92.00 (pipping an ilkley rival by the looks of things Antonio?!)





One thought on “Saturday 14th July – Addingham Gala Fell Race – 5.9m 984ft

  1. Your report from Addingham is really good , and considering as well that the night before you ran a quite speedy section of the Washburn Relay in super hot conditions too , the 48.45 is indeed a great time to do and the 10th position achieved in a good field of top runners , is well deserved . Well done to Graham L.

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