Saturday 8th September – Lothersdale Show

Saturday 8th September – Lothersdale Show

Report from Graham Lake:

Tom Lynch told me about this little race, although he wasn’t able to run it. Perfect for my Fell RoY wildcard race looking at last year’s results (well, you’ve got to play the game, yeah?!)

The day was pretty damp, and the Lothersdale Young Farmers show was looking rather quiet as I paid my £1 alongside mainly juniors and their Dads by the looks of things (Senior and Junior all run together). Perfect for some extra RoY points! But, who’s this trotting up to the start? Non-other than Jack Wood, England international mountain runner. Doh!

Anyway, the race started down the road, up a steep, grassy hill, then back down. I managed to get to 3rd place, and had to push on to keep that place; especially as I missed a turning and added a few extra yards. It was a very low-key affair, despite the claim that this race has been run, in some form, since 1847. I chose some mint matchmakers as my prize for my highest placing in an FRA race; gutted as I didn’t realise the buckets were actual prizes, I thought they were colleting drips!


1st Jack Wood – Ilkley 10.39

3rd Graham Lake – Otley AC 12.31

33rd Antonio Cardinale – Otley AC 28.01 (1st Vet 60)

(Antonio, I’m sure you must have a twin brother, no one can run this many races!)



Note also that the 1st senior woman, was also the only senior woman!


One thought on “Saturday 8th September – Lothersdale Show

  1. Congratulations To Graham L. for the splendid 3rd place , it is really like a victory , considering as well you went off course for a bit . From the pic you show a great satisfaction for the powerful run , with all the prizes well deserved .

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